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How to Make a Curriculum Vitae to Apply for a Job

  • Share – How to make a curriculum vitae is easy but will be difficult if not prepared properly. Some call a curriculum vitae a CV or curriculum vitae. These documents are generally indispensable when applying for a job.

Curriculum vitae must contain identity, experience, educational qualifications, to various information that can support the job being applied for. Curriculum vitae should be made as attractive as possible but should be easy to read and easy to understand.

Here’s how to make a curriculum vitae that contains various data that must be completed by the author.

1. Self Identity

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The first content of the curriculum vitae is self-identity. Identity includes full name, address, telephone number or mobile number and email address. Also attach a passport photo so that the curriculum vitae is more interesting.

Keep in mind, use a number and email address that is still active. Email addresses should use real names instead of unique pseudonyms to be more professional.

2. Education

The second thing that needs to be included is educational history. Write a history of recent education which includes educational institutions, study programs taken, education level, year of entry and year of graduation. Most importantly, include the grades or cumulative grade point average (GPA) achieved.

The curriculum vitae actually only needs to include the last education. However, many people list all levels of education taken.

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3. Skills Possessed

In addition to education, expertise or skills also need to be possessed, both in the form of soft skills and hard skills. Especially if these skills are needed for the position applied for.

Some of the skills that can be listed include the ability to use certain software, such as Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, and others. You can also include photography, videography, and even photo or video editing skills.

Soft Skills also need to be listed so that the company can consider them, such as leadership, creativity and other aspects.

4. Work Experience

Include work experience that has been undertaken. However, fresh graduates can include internship experience or organizational experience if they have never worked before.

Explain in detail about the work experience, including the position, job description to the duration of the profession.

5. Supporting aspects

Some supporting aspects can be included in the curriculum vitae, such as training or certain courses that are certified and related to work.

Can also include both academic and non-academic achievements as supporting values.

How to make a curriculum vitae easily through Microsoft Word.

1. Choose an Available Template

  • Click the FILE menu, then select NEW.
  • Choose the desired template

2. Download Templates Online

Or you can also download templates online. To do this, open a new document then look for “resumes” in the “Microsoft Office Online” section.

3. Complete the CV

Then complete the template by including the curriculum vitae that has been summarized previously. Some of the columns can also be edited to suit the needs of the creator.

In addition to using Microsoft Word, there are many other ways that can be done to create a CV. Currently, there are many applications and software that can be used to create a CV. There is also a website that provides online CV making services and then the results can be downloaded.

This method is considered easier and more practical. So, you don’t have to use graphic design software that has a certain level of difficulty. That’s how to make a curriculum vitae easily.

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