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How to make a glass painting using oil paints

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The main focus in painting landscapes is on painting light so the most important thing is to ensure how the image media used can reflect light perfectly. In general, the technique used in landscape painting is a layered painting technique, namely painting using basic paint to determine the dark and light parts. This step is done as a first step to see the balance of light in the painting we are working on. For the next step;

Make a canvas base paint to define the dark and light parts

Next, slowly start to build the true color of all the scene objects, keep using paint in a light and can be mixed with water/oil depending on the paint material you use. Just for generalization, this stage you do not need to make it detailed and accurate.

Only at this stage with the same steps clarify for every detail with more accurate colors. You can use a thicker paint.

Delete or patch parts that are deemed less accurate. And then you can do the accuracy for every little detail. For this, use paint without a water/oil mixture.

The final stage, where you can play the Old Master Western technique which is optional for those of you who are experienced.


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