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11 Minimalist Balcony Canopy Designs, the House Becomes a Relief!

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Beautify the appearance of the house can be started from the outside. One of them is by making a minimalist balcony canopy so that the residence has more space and feels more beautiful. Need design inspiration? Read through the following article!

In addition to the garden, the value of the beauty of the house can be created thanks to the minimalist balcony canopy.

The size of the balcony canopy does not need to be too wide because the most important thing is that there is a new space and can be used for various needs.

In fact, with a minimalist balcony canopy design, the residence will look different from the neighboring house and give a beautiful impression.

Every now and then you can invite family members to spend quality time in this place.

It is not impossible that the small canopy balcony can also be used as a place to exchange stories with close friends, it.

Come on, check out the design inspiration here!

11 Minimalist Balcony Canopy Design Inspirations

1. Iron Balcony Canopy

iron balcony canopy


If the safety factor is one of the main reasons, you can make a minimalist balcony canopy with iron.

The choice of black as in the picture is recommended to give a different aura to the color of the walls of the house so that it causes attention.

Do not forget, if you have a toddler, it is best to install a fence with a high enough size.

You can also store ornamental plants in pots in each corner.

2. Super Minimalist Style

minimalist home style

sumber: derek swalwell

Have a minimalist style dwelling?

Relax, you can still install a canopy balcony that is adapted to the style of the house.

Outside of security, especially if you are a small newly married family, a balcony canopy design without a fence can, it, you choose.

Occupancy will appear antimainstream and of course has its own charm.

3. Special Housing Balcony Canopy

special residential occupancy


The next design is fairly common in a number of housing estates.

A glimpse of the balcony canopy as in the picture above is not too special.

However, when it comes to function, you can imitate this style.

With the size of the house that is not too wide, the existence of a balcony canopy with a minimalist design is very useful as a new space to breathe fresh air.

4. Striking Colors

bright color canopy balcony

sumber: geo.constructions

The choice of colors that are quite striking is another option so that the house is more colorful.

Even though the house you live in is not too special and ordinary, the existence of a canopy balcony can inspire people.

No need to be spacious, the main thing is to provide comfort, especially when hanging out.

5. Simple but Luxurious

simple effective luxury home


The simple style of the balcony canopy is suitable for a modern style house.

However, you can provide other values ​​so that it creates the impression of luxury.

In fact, in terms of size, the balcony canopy is not wide.

Lighting is one factor that you can ‘play’.

6. Minimalist Canopy Balcony

minimalist canopy balcony

source: zupergrass

Instead of just installing a canopy, making a balcony above it really provides additional benefits.

You will have another room, especially if there are tables and chairs as a place for discussion.

A minimalist design can be chosen if you have a house in a dense settlement.

7. Dominate White Color

white domination canopy balcony


In order to give a different impression, the selection of the balcony canopy color with white elements is quite interesting.

To add a different impression and avoid the scorching heat, you can also provide additional protection.

8. Placement next to the house

placement of the balcony canopy on the side


The placement of the balcony canopy does not always have to be in front of the house, placement on the side can also be an alternative.

The size can also be adjusted to the needs without reducing the minimalist balcony canopy style.

You can also combine materials, such as iron for the support and wood for the floor.

9. Canopy Balcony As A Fat Relief Area

minimalist balcony canopy design


The design above is suitable to be chosen if you need space to unwind.

Do not have space from the door to the balcony canopy so you really take advantage of the canopy to enjoy the fresh air.

However, if you choose this design, you should use a sliding door to make it easier.

10. Balcony Canopy with Ladder Placement on Terrace

white balcony canopy


Unlike the previous picture, to distinguish interior and exterior rooms, you can place the balcony canopy entry area with stairs on the terrace.

This style is suitable for children’s play areas without compromising safety, it.

Invite the children or family members to do different things to increase family harmony.

11. Canopy Balcony with Fiber Roof

fiber roof canopy balcony


To avoid direct sunlight, you can add a fiber roof element to the balcony canopy.

However, you can choose a style that is not completely transparent but only partially.

This causes comfort to be maintained while on the other hand the appearance of the house will be different from other houses.


That’s a minimalist balcony canopy design or picture that you can choose, Friend 99.

Hope it inspires you.

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