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North Aceh Farmers Use Rainwater to Water Rice Fields because Irrigation Is Broken

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POPULARITAS.COM – Farmers in North Aceh Regency must use rainwater and rice that can withstand dry conditions following the collapse of the Krueng Pasee irrigation in Meurah Mulia District, in December 2020.

“The Krueng Pase dam is still in the repair stage due to the damage after the big flood last year,” said Acting (Plt) Head of the North Aceh Regency Agriculture and Food Crops Office, Erwandi, as reported by the Antara page, Saturday (7/8/2021).

Erwandi said that due to the collapse of the Krueng Pase dam, farmers used rainwater to irrigate their rice fields. In fact, the Krueng Pasee dam is able to supply water for 10 hectares of rice fields.

According to Erwandi, the failure of Krueng Pase irrigation has affected farmers to go down to the fields because they are not getting enough water optimally. Many farmers prefer not to plant rice during the gadu growing season.

Erwandi said the water supply to the rice fields from the Krueng Pase irrigation was not maximized until 2022 or the irrigation repairs were completed. Currently, the process is still in the stage of land acquisition for irrigation rehabilitation.

“Krueng Pase irrigation rehabilitation is directly handled by the central government because the service area is more than 3,000 hectares. This irrigation irrigates rice fields in a number of sub-districts in North Aceh Regency,” said Erwandi.

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