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Inconsistent BPIP, PKS: The Thinking Way of People in This Institution Is Not Mature

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18 August 2021 07:19 WIB

BPIP seems to be run recklessly.

Bukhori Yusuf (

JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM – Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives from the PKS faction, Bukhori Yusuf, gave a strong criticism to BPIP after changing the theme of the article writing competition ‘Respect the Flag according to Islamic Law’ and ‘Singing the National Anthem according to Islamic Law’.

Bukhori assessed that the agency’s steps seemed careless. BPIP’s inconsistent attitude proves that the people in it are still childish.

“BPIP seems to be run recklessly. BPIP’s inconsistent attitude increasingly shows the way of thinking and attitudes of people in this institution who are immature or childish,” he said, as reported by, Wednesday (18/8).

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Previously, Bukhori asked BPIP to correct itself because it has continued to generate controversy since the beginning of the formation of this institution.

He believes that BPIP must fix the perspective on Islamic and national discourse so that it does not hurt the feelings of the people continuously.

It is known that BPIP was in the spotlight because the nominal salaries for leaders, members, heads, and special staff were too large. In Presidential Decree No. 42/2018 listed the amount of salary in each position in BPIP.

The presidential regulation mentions the financial rights of the Chairman of the BPIP Steering Committee at Rp. 112,548,000. Meanwhile, the members of the Steering Committee each received Rp. 100,811,000,-. Furthermore, the Head of BPIP gets Rp. 76,500,000, -, Deputy Rp. 51,000,000,- and Special Staff Rp 36,500,000,-.

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