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Want to know how to make canned sardines more savory and addictive? Try Adding This One Material Starting Now – All Pages

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How to make canned sardines savory and addictive

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How to make canned sardines savory and addictive – Are you a sardine lover?

If yes, then it is important for you to know the following.

Canned sardines are often considered practical and are often the choice of Indonesian side dishes.

Although easy to make, cooking canned sardines certainly requires a lot of ingredients to make it more delicious.

But don’t worry, Sajian Sedap has prepared a trick to make sardines 100 times tastier.

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Moreover, this sardine only requires one ingredient to make it even more special.

What is this material?

Here’s the review for you.

How to Make Savory Canned Sardines

1. Add Lots of Spices and Seasonings

When cooking canned sardines, it’s a good idea to add a variety of spices and seasonings.

The must-haves are sliced ​​onions and garlic.

The amount can be a lot, lo.

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The more, the more the aroma covers the fishy smell of sardines.

In addition, also add chilies and tomatoes, so that it tastes even more delicious.

2. Sauté the Seasonings Until It Has To Be Right

So, first of all, fry the sliced ​​onion and garlic in hot oil.

Wait until the aroma is fragrant and the color is brown, then add the chili.

If you want it to be a bit spicy, you can fry the chilies first before adding the canned sardines.

In this way, the spicy aroma of chili will be more pronounced.

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3. Give Extra Flavor

After the sardines come in, we can also add a little water because usually the sardine sauce is a bit thick.

Don’t forget to taste the sardines again, okay?

Usually, we still have to add more salt and sugar to make it taste better.

The article continues after the video below:

4. Fried Eggs Can Be Added

Did you know that fried eggs are perfect for combining with sweet and sour sauce and spicy sardines.

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So, make sure when cooking sardines later, add fried eggs to it.

Just cook the fried eggs for a few moments in the sardine sauce until it’s a recipe.

The results are guaranteed to be delicious.

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