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[POPULER FOOD] 5 Benefits of Porang Bulbs | Tips for Steaming Traditional Cakes Page all

  • Share – The glutinous rice recipe is included in one of the news that is widely read on Food from 15-17 August 2021.

In addition, other news that has also received attention is related to the advantages of porang tubers

Two news items in the top five news stories are restaurant promos on August 17 and traditional cake steaming tips.

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More complete, here are the most popular news Food from 15-17 August 2021.

1. Recipe for sticky rice, a traditional cake that is soft and chewy

Mendut is a traditional cake wrapped in banana leaves made from glutinous rice flour. This cake has a soft and chewy texture.

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In the mendut cake dough there is a filling of coconut and coconut milk. To make it, the cake dough is then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Check out the sticky rice recipe here.

Lemper is usually made from white glutinous rice but can also be replaced with cassava.

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The cassava lemper contains shredded chicken that has been seasoned with the same spices as white sticky rice. Also wrap the cassava lemper using banana leaves

The complete recipe for cassava lemper is here.

This menu range is our taste!  from McDonald's Indonesia.Dock. McDonald’s Indonesia This menu range is our taste! from McDonald’s Indonesia.

There are various food promos that you can enjoy to welcome the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia.

Several fast food restaurants in Indonesia provide various attractive promos. Starting from McDonald’s to Bakmi GM.

In full, here are five special fast food restaurant promos for Independence Day.

4. Five Advantages of Porang, One of Which is Suitable to Be Processed into Diet Food

Porang is one type of tuber that has many advantages and can be used by humans.

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Because porang has many advantages, this type of wild plant is known to have a high export demand.

There are five advantages of porang which were conveyed by the Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture of IPB as well as the Head of the Department of Agronomy and Horticulture, Faperta IPB, Prof. Dr. Eddie Santos.

Check out the advantages of porang in the following article.

5. Four Tips for Steaming Traditional Cakes so that they Don’t Get Sturdy

There are many traditional cakes cooked by steaming, such as mendut and apem.

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In order to get the right cake texture, the steaming process must be done properly.

Otherwise, the cake will become tough or even mushy from exposure to too much moisture.

Check out the traditional steaming cake tips here.

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