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How to Make Italic to Color on WhatsApp

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world used by more than 2 billion people on Earth. Every minute there are millions of messages sent through this Facebook-owned communication platform.

But sometimes sending messages on WhatsApp seems stiff. But did you know that WhatsApp writing can be made unique. For example, italics, bold to color to convey important information you want to convey?

Yes, this feature has been available for a long time. But many users are still not aware of this function. Here’s an easy way to display unique posts on WhatsApp as quoted from various sources:

Bold Writing

To present bold text, all you have to do is put an asterisk on both sides of the text.

Example: *test*


To present italics, you just have to underscore on both sides of the writing.
Example: _text_

Strikethrough Tulisan

If you want to write a typed like strikethrough, just put a tidle mark on both sides of the text

Example: ~ text ~

Mono space writing

If you want to write in mono space, just put three backtick marks on both sides of the text

Example: “ `text“`

Color writing

For this feature users need to install third-party applications. Its name is Fancy Text + Sticker Maker (WASticker Apps). Currently this application is only available for Android smartphone users through the Google Play Store.

The application provides a variety of font color choices, which can be changed to display colors ranging from blue, yellow, black, to red. After the download is complete, open the application and select ‘Fancy Text’ then select ‘Start Writing’. In the column, WhatsApp users can write whatever they want and when finished there will be a data-style option.

Choose the blue one so that it can be sent and three options will appear, namely Copy Text, WhatsApp, and Share Text. To send colored text to WhatsApp, select WhatsApp and it will be taken to the application.

After that, you can choose the person to whom the colored text will be sent. In addition to sending to other user accounts, you can also put this article into your own status.

Launching, this application has 50 writing styles, more than 30 types of fonts, freehand pencil so you can make stickers freely. There are also clipart and sticker packs to make custom stickers.

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