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The Form of a Rp125 Million Honda Car, and an Iconic Motorcycle

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VIVA – There are some news that aired on VIVA Automotive on Friday 6 August 2021, and was widely read until it became the most popular. Starting from the form of a Rp 125 million Honda car, to an iconic motorcycle.

1. Already at the dealer, this is the form of a new Honda car of Rp. 125 million

Honda’s new car, which will be launched in the near future, is now available at dealers and the price is rumored to start at Rp. 125 million. Check out the leaked form at this link.

2. Cars Made by the Nation’s Children Get World Awards

Indonesia has no shortage of talented young people in the automotive sector, some of which have just received world-class awards for their cars. Check out the news at this link.

3. Honda’s newest iconic motorcycle is officially sold in Indonesia

Honda has just refreshed their iconic motorcycle, and has officially started to be marketed in Indonesia. Specifications and prices can be seen at this link.

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