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Here’s Benny Tjokro & Heru Hidayat’s Mode of Washing Asabri’s Corruption Money

  • Share, JAKARTA – The public prosecutor revealed the mode of laundering of three defendants in the alleged corruption case in the management of PT Asabri funds.

The three defendants, namely Benny Tjokrosaputro, Jimmy Sutopo, and Heru Hidayat, were charged with disguising profits by buying property to gold paintings.

According to the Prosecutor, Jimmy Sutopo as the party that regulates and controls the investment of PT Asabri (Persero) disguised the origin of the assets by placing the money in the account of the defendant Jimmy Sutopo or through the account of another party.

He also bought land and buildings on behalf of the defendant and on behalf of other parties, spent by buying motor vehicles, exchanging them in foreign currency.

“The defendant also purchased gold paintings and art items by the defendant,” said the prosecutor as quoted by Antara, Wednesday (18/8/2021).

Prosecutors said that in 2013 Jimmy Sutopo met with Benny Tjokrosaputro through Caroline Chandra Wilieanna and told Jimmy to help and arrange transactions for the shares controlled by Benny Tjokro.

The arrangement was made by creating and using a stock account owned by Jimmy, an account in the name of Jimmy and those affiliated with Benny Tjokro and Jimmy Sutopo.

Benny’s request was approved by Jimmy Sutopo so that Jimmy until 2019 after receiving shares from Benny Tjokro through the “Received Free Of Payment” (RFOP) mechanism, then transferred the shares to raise the share price (binit up) through the Negotiation market mechanism for 373 transactions .

After the price of Benny Tjokro’s shares increased, then Jimmy sold the shares to PT Asabri using either Jimmy’s own account or an affiliated party controlled by Benny Tjokro and Jimmy Sutopo for a total transaction value of Rp781,153,675. 000.

As a result of Jimmy Sutopo’s actions together with Benny Tjokrosaputro, Edward Seky Soeryadjaja, President Director of PT Eureka Prima Jakarta Tbk (LCGP) Lukman Purnomosid, Heru Hidayat, President Director of PT Asabri 2012 – March 2016 Major General Purn. Adam Rachmat Damiri, President Director of PT Asabri March 2016 – July 2020.

Next Lieutenant General Retired. Sonny Widjaja, Director of Investment and Finance of PT. Asabri 2012 – June 2014 Bachtiar Effendi, Director of Investment and Finance of PT Asabri July 2014 – August 2019 Hari Setianto and Head of the Investment Division of PT Asabri for the period July 1, 2012 – December 29, 2016 Ilham Wardhana said Siregar had harmed the State Finances amounting to Rp22,788,566,482,083.

From the state financial loss amounting to Rp22.788 trillion, Jimmy Sutopo obtained illegal profits from the management and investment control of PT. Asabri amounted to Rp781.1 billion.

Furthermore, for the defendant Heru Hidayat as the party that regulates and controls the investment management instruments of shares and mutual funds of PT Asabri (Persero) from 2016-2019 together with Joko Hartono Tirto and Piter Rasiman using companies that are included in the Maxima Group.

“From the state financial loss of Rp. 22.7 trillion, the defendant Heru Hidayat obtained an illegal profit of Rp. 12.4 trillion,” added the prosecutor.

Meanwhile, Benny Tjokrosaputro, assisted by Wiwik Sukarno, tried to divert money from corruption crimes from investing in PT Asabri’s shares and mutual funds by conducting a mining business using the company PT Hanson Call Energy.

Benny Tjokro invested in another company, namely buying 967,500 shares of PT Putra Aksi Laksana through PT Mandiri Mega Jaya.

For their actions, the three defendants were charged as regulated and threatened with crime in article 3 or article 4 of the Republic of Indonesia Law No. 8 of 2010 concerning the Prevention and Eradication of the Crime of Money Laundering.

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