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Favorite Ornamental Plants Become Healthier and Grow Faster Only Egg Shell Capital, It’s Easy – All Pages

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Benefits of egg shells for plants

Benefits of egg shells for plants – Moms favorite ornamental plants can be more fertile and continue to grow leaves and flowers just by using egg shells.

If during this time egg shells are often thrown into the trash and not used, you can now use them as plant fertilizer.

Egg shells contain calcium and minerals that are needed by plants to grow properly.

Meeting soil and plant nutrients can make your favorite ornamental plants stronger and not fall off or die quickly.

However, do not directly put the eggshell into the pot or soil, yes!

Moms need to process it first into liquid fertilizer so that the results are more effective and efficient.

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Quoted from impressions on the channel YouTube Home Plants, here’s an easy way to make fertilizer from egg shells.

How to make liquid fertilizer from egg shells

1. Prepare egg shells in large quantities.

2. Dry the egg shells in the sun all day until they are completely dry.

3. Puree the egg shell by crushing it first, then put it in a blender.

4. Make sure the egg shell is really smooth like milk powder.

5. Boil egg shell powder with water until it boils.

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6. Cool the boiled egg shells, then mix again with plain water.

The ratio is about 1 : 10 yes, Moms! For example, 100 milliliters of liquid fertilizer eggshell mixed with one liter of water.

7. Water every morning into the soil or plant pots for five days in a row.

The best time to fertilize is in the morning.

Plants that are given this fertilizer can flower and bear fruit without falling out.

The benefits of the element calcium in plants can neutralize the acidic pH of the soil, provide immunity to plants so they are not susceptible to disease, and foster flower and fruit growth.

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