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21 people were swept away by the current, the boat carrying residents crashed into a bridge pole and drowned

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TRIBUNJATENG.COM, SULAWESI – 21 people were swept away by the current after a damaged raft boat hit a bridge pole in Beringin Jaya Village, South Baebunta District, North Luwu, South Sulawesi.

The boat is indeed a mode of transportation for local residents.

Of the 21 residents, 19 victims were declared safe while 2 people are in search.

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Head of Beringin Jaya Village, Asrianto said the group of residents crossed to attend a family event.

However, while crossing in the middle of a strong current, the boat lost control and hit the bridge pole.

“It happened at 09.00 WITA this morning, a resident from Dusun Melati was going to attend a family event, but when the raft boat was in the middle it suddenly swayed because it lost control due to the strong current.

“So the boat was dragged to the edge and hit the bridge pole which caused the boat to be damaged, and the passengers were carried away by the current,” said Asrianto when confirmed at the location, Tuesday (17/8/2021) evening.

According to Asrianto, this incident was exacerbated by the condition of the Rongkong River water overflowing due to heavy rains upstream, causing heavy currents.

“Indeed, the current condition is very heavy, because since last night there has been a flood after heavy rain,” said Asrianto.

Asrianto said 19 people in this incident were found safe by residents.

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