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Review of Stunting Locations, Mallusetasi District, Hj. Hasnah Syam Convey This

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TOPNEWS1.ONLINE, BARRU — The head of the Family Welfare Empowerment Team (TP PKK) drg. Hj. Hasnah Syam MARS visited Stunting Special Locations (Lokus) in Manuba Village and Nepo Village, Friday 6/8/2021.

Hj. Hasnah Syam, who is also a Member of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia Commission IX, handed over supplementary food aid to pregnant women and infants and reviewed the utilization of yard crops in Pallae Hamlet, Manuba Village.

Hj. Hasnah Syam in her direction called on all elements of society to proactively help handle stunting in her region.

He emphasized the need for good cooperation from the community and the village government and the health center to help reduce stunting.

“My presence went down to the stunting location to find out the extent of the development of stunting handling in his village which is a stunting locus,” said Hasnah Syam.

Likewise, he is ready to help the district government in handling stunting because it happens that he is in Commission IX of the DPR.RI in charge of health.

He also hopes that during this pandemic, PKK mothers make their home yards for non-organic plants such as vegetables and others.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Health Office, dr. Amis Rifai, M.Kes expressed his gratitude to Hj. Hasnah Syam as Member of the Indonesian House of Representatives and Chair of the Barru Regency PKK Team.

Because with him, we are much encouraged and motivated and help to maximize health services.

Related to stunting, handling efforts could not be without the intervention of a Dr. Hj. Hasnah Syam |

For your information, 9 villages in Barru Regency became stunting loci, including those in Mallusetasi Subdistrict, namely, Cilellang, Manuba, Nepo, Mallawa, Palanro Villages which are the Mallawa Health Center area. (Suwardi)

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