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Meaning of RI’s 76th Anniversary, Coal Police Chief AKBP. Ikhwan Lubis SH MH and KSJ Share Food at Sea

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Batu Bara – In the spirit of independence, the Coal Police and the Friday Alms Community (KSJ) prefer to do social service to residents affected by Covid 19 who are on the Tanjung Oyster Sea Coast, Kec. Tanjung Oyster Kab. Coal in filling the activities of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day.

A total of 1000 food packages were distributed using fishing boats to the Coal Police and KSJ led by the Coal Police Chief AKBP Ikhwan Lubis SH.MH who is also the Founder and Advisor of KSJ accompanied by his wife Dr. Henny Ikhwan S.Pd. M.Pd , These two couples also became idols in the middle of the ocean with the fishermen around the Tanjung Tiram Sea.

Asnawi, a fisherman who was involved in the provision of basic necessities from the activity, told the media crew, “We have assumed that the Chief of Police is the father of all fishermen in Tanjung Oyster. He is indeed a person who really cares for the poor like us. This is not the first time he has provided assistance to us, the people here. But it has been time and time again, so that in every sharing activity like this we discipline ourselves not to fight over each other. We are proud of the figure who is called the Dhuafa warrior who this time brought his wife and was very kind, Asnawi said.
Meanwhile, the Chief of Police, AKBP Ikhwan SH.MH explained, “To commemorate the Indonesian Independence Day this time, we prioritize social service to the people affected by Covid 19, rather than celebrating celebrations that might cause spread because where people are competing to celebrate. RI Anniversary.

Here in the District. Coal itself, we prohibit the conduct of competition activities in enlivening the 76th Indonesian Independence Day and prefer to do mutual cooperation to clean up their respective villages. Because the Friday alms community is already in remote areas of Kab. Coal, so we Polres and Polsek ranks do social service sharing to orphans and communities affected by Covid 19 at this time. in all villages in Batubara Regency. said the Chief of Police (Gus/BB).

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