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How to make powdered ginger for stock at home when you’re not feeling well

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TRIBUNJATENG.COM – Here’s how to make powdered ginger to stock up at home when you’re not feeling well.

The benefits of ginger for health are no longer in doubt.

This rhizome plant has been used as a traditional medicine for generations.

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Ginger has many benefits.

Like :

1. Relieves indigestion
2. Increase Body Metabolism
3. Help lose weight
4. Boost your immune system
5. Reducing nausea or morning sickness
6. Treating coughs and colds
7. Lowering blood sugar
8. Lowers cholesterol
9. Fight free radicals
10. Treat headaches or dizziness
11. Anti-bacterial and anti-virus.

No wonder many people regularly consume ginger as a natural medicine.

Usually ginger is consumed in the form of wedang brewed or boiled.

But now you can process ginger into powder so you can brew it anytime.

The efficacy of powdered ginger is no less efficacious than ordinary fresh ginger.

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