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Tesla Model 3 specifications and prices

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Tesla Model 3 specifications and prices Cars have become a daily necessity for activities in all conditions and situations. Are any of you looking for information about the latest Tesla cars?

Now here we will discuss a little about what is the topic above, the price of the Tesla Model 3. Tesla has become Prima Donna and is the mainstay of the country.

Tesla car prices in Indonesia are quite relative, and can be said to be quite affordable for us for the various models offered.

For more details, let’s take a closer look below, to find out the price of the latest Tesla Model 3 in these years.

Tesla car prices in Indonesia

After the launch of the official store or what is commonly called the official store on Tokopedia, Prestige Motorcars offers a credit scheme for the purchase of the Tesla model 3 standard range variant.

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Tesla by Prestige Motorcars has offered a series of programs and facilities at the official Tokopedia store, such as a booking fee of IDR 100 million and a car testing facility at home.

In addition, consumers also have the opportunity to get a special discount of 50 million rupiah. Not only that, buyers will get free internet, YouTube electricity and Spotify premium for six months.

Latest Tesla Car Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 is offered at an on-road price in Jakarta of IDR 1.5 billion. Purchases will of course get a discount of Rp. 50 million if you buy through Tokopedia, to Rp. 1.45 billion.

This fee is a reservation fee that must be paid, which is 100 million rupiah. The next process, consumers can pay off the remaining payment of Rp 1.35 billion in full or in installments through the leasing agent Maybank or CIMB Niaga.

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The process from the beginning until the vehicle is in the hands of consumers is claimed to not take long. Cars are delivered directly to consumers’ homes in Indonesia in about 45 days.

After completing the color selection and paying an advance of Rp. 100 million. The prestigious Tesla model 3 car with several color choices, namely solid black, midnight silver metallic, multilayer red, multilayer dark blue metallic and multilayer pearl white.

Tesla Specifications Type 3

Tesla model 3 type standard range plus is claimed to be able to cover a distance of up to 386 kilometers in the case of a full battery.

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The third model, on the other hand, has been armed with a myriad of advanced features, one of which is the reverse camera which is claimed to be the most detailed reverse camera.

The Tesla Model 3 is equipped with many futuristic features, which allow the car to operate in autopilot mode. All vehicle settings on the Tesla Model 3 are managed from the 15-inch LCD screen located in the center of the dashboard console.

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