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2022 Health and Social Protection Budget Rp682.8 T

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VIVA – The government has designed a fantastic budget for health and social protection in 2022. The total is IDR 682.8 trillion. This was stated by the Minister of Communication and Information, Johnny G Plate.

Plate explained that of the total budget, Rp. 255.3 trillion was allocated for health and Rp. 427.5 trillion for social protection. He said the Rp255.3 trillion budget for health or 9.4 percent of state spending would be directed to continue handling the pandemic. In addition, the budget will be used for health system reform, acceleration of stunting reduction, and the sustainability of the JKN program.

Meanwhile, for handling the COVID-19 pandemic, funds will be focused on anticipating the risk of the impact of the pandemic. The anticipation includes testing, tracing, treatment, COVID-19 vaccination program, strengthening socialization and monitoring of health protocols.

Plate explained that the budget is also used for domestic vaccine production and to encourage the development of a competitive pharmaceutical industry. According to him, this is part of an effort to realize the independence of the domestic health and pharmaceutical system.

“Indonesia must be able to build its own vaccine production. This is expected to continue to strengthen the resilience and independence of the national health and pharmaceutical system,” said Plate, Tuesday night, August 17, 2021.

Plate emphasized that the social protection budget allocation of Rp427.5 trillion is planned to be allocated to help meet the basic needs of the poor and vulnerable.

In the long term, plate hopes that this will be able to cut the chain of poverty in the country. The social protection budget, he continued, will be used to support reform of social protection programs.

According to Plate, the government will continue to improve the Integrated Social Welfare Data (DTKS) and synergize various related data to support gradual and measurable social protection reforms.

In addition, explained Plate, the budget will be used to support the Job Loss Guarantee Program in accordance with the Job Creation Act, improving the quality of social protection implementation, and developing adaptive social protection schemes.

“The government continues to be committed to controlling COVID-19 and also providing assistance to people affected by the pandemic,” he added.

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