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iPhone Price List in August 2021, Know the Type and Specifications Before Buying

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BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – For those who like iPhone brand mobile phones, there is nothing wrong with recognizing this product from the United States.

In addition, entering August 2021, those who want to buy an iPhone can’t hurt to see the following price list.

The prices listed are quoted from the official iBox Indonesia website.

The price list starts from the iPhone 12 Mini for Rp. 10,999,000 for 64GB storage up to the iPhone 11 Pro Max

All you have to do is adjust the specifications and the available funds to be able to have an iPhone of various types you want.

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This list can be used as a reference before buying an iPhone.

Leaked design of iPhone 13 Pro Max (black) and iPhone 13 Mini (blue).
Leaked design of iPhone 13 Pro Max (black) and iPhone 13 Mini (blue). (youtube everythingapplepro)

Reported by with the title of the Latest iPhone Price Update for August 2021, from iPhone Xr to iPhone 12 Series

The latest iPhone price update in August 2021 is summarized from, Monday (9/8/2021):

1. Price of iPhone 12 Series

– iPhone 12 Mini (64GB) = Rp 10.999.000

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