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Tired of the same daily menu, try this delicious silken tofu soup recipe

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SHARE NEWS – Are you confused about what to cook daily? Let’s try the daily recipe for super delicious silken tofu soup.

Silk tofu soup recipe is a variation of a culinary dish made from tofu and spiked with other complementary ingredients.

To make this silken tofu recipe is very easy and not complicated, you just need to follow the instructions below.

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Reported by from Instagram @hwang_frenzdy, here is a review of the recipe and how to make an appetizing silken tofu soup.


  • 1 piece of silken tofu (wash and cut into pieces), set aside.
  • Chicken meat (finely chopped, make small balls like meatballs). set aside.
  • Enough fish balls.
  • Enough water.

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  • Salt, mushroom seasoning and pepper to taste.

Sprinkling Ingredients:

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