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The Red and White Heritage Flag Was Torn Off, Here’s the Reason

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Indonesia has reached the age of 76 years. Usually in August, people will fly the red and white flag in front of their houses to celebrate Indonesian Independence Day. Thick red and white shades blanket the streets of every corner of the city.

During the proclamation of Indonesian Independence, the red and white flag produced by Fatmawati was hoisted by Latief Hendraningrat, Suhut, and SK Trimurti. The flag, which was finally called the Heritage Flag, turned out to be torn in two for some reason. What is the reason? Let’s see the following explanation!

The struggle of the Indonesian people to achieve independence is not easy. Although independence was declared on August 17, 1945, this did not necessarily stop the struggle of the heroes. Because the Dutch still have the intention to be able to control Indonesia again.

About two years after Indonesia’s independence, the Dutch tried to launch the Dutch Military Aggression I. This aggression was precisely carried out from July 21, 1947 to August 5, 1947. The Dutch carried out the aggression because they thought that Indonesia had violated the Linggarjati Agreement. The aggression could end after the Dutch were pressured by international parties including the United Nations to leave Indonesia immediately.

Not quite there, the Dutch again tried to seize Indonesia by carrying out the Second Dutch Military Aggression on December 19, 1948. Yogyakarta, which at that time was the capital of Indonesia, was also targeted by the Dutch.

Responding to the emergency situation, Soekarno asked his aide, Husein Mutahar, to save the Red and White Heritage Flag. The first Indonesian president ordered Mutahar to keep Sang Saka Merah Putih from being in the hands of the enemy.

Not long after, Sukarno was captured by the Dutch. The Proclaimer was exiled to the Parapat area, North Sumatra. However, he was later transferred to Muntok, Bangka.

Mutahar, knowing that Soekarno had been arrested, became worried and restless. He understood very well that the Dutch were also after him. In response to this, Mutahar was forced to decide to tear Sang Saka Merah Putih. Fatmawati’s stitched flag was torn into two parts, red and white. Then, each piece is stored in two different bags. This action was taken none other than to deceive the Dutch.

Mutahar’s method actually worked. When the Dutch arrested Mutahar, they did not know that it was Mutahar who kept the Heritage Flag. After being arrested, Mutahar was sent to the Semarang area to be exiled. Luckily, he was able to escape and go to Jakarta.

After being torn apart, Mutahar finally sewed the Heritage Flag by using a borrowed sewing machine. Next, Sang Saka was entrusted to Soedjono, an Indonesian delegation who was going to Bangka, where Soekarno was exiled. The Heritage Flag was returned to Soekarno’s hands.

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