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Celebrate RI Anniversary, Jogo Kali Community Plants 1,000 Trees

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Purworejo, – The commemoration of the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia in 2021, was used by the Indonesian Council of Dhikr Nurul Qodiri which has a community called Jogo Kali Nusantara by planting 1,000 trees.

The activity was centered on the tourist attraction (Obwis) of Mount Ijo, Durensari Village, Bagelen District, Purworejo Regency, Central Java, Tuesday (17/8).

Before planting the trees, several communities who participated in this activity held a ceremony at the Kemanukan Village Hall, Bagelen District, which is approximately 20 KM from the location.

Kiai Merah or Muh Edi Suryanto, the owner of the Dhikr Council, Nurul Qodiri, explained that in addition to planting trees, his party also carried out social services by providing basic necessities to residents and collaborating with the Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) Purworejo in the PWI Peduli program, PWI Sharing.

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