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Interesting News: Jokowi’s Presidential Car; Yamaha QBIX 125 Arrives in Indonesia

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Front View of Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard Photo: doc. Mercedes-Benz

Information about the iconic Yamaha QBIX 125 scooter which has landed in Indonesia has also attracted the attention of coil readers. And there are also tips on the most difficult techniques when learning to drive a manual car.

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Take a peek at the specifications of Jokowi’s presidential car used during the August 17 ceremony

Jokowi’s presidential car during the ceremony on August 17, 2021. Photo: doc. Presidential Secretariat Youtube

President Joko Widodo again led the 17 August independence commemoration ceremony at the State Palace today (17/8/2021).

Unlike last year, which came with the Toyota Alphard, at this year’s ceremony, Jokowi again relied on his main presidential car, the Mercedes-Benz S600 Guard, which has the body code W222.

This is the latest presidential car that was officially imported at the end of 2019. The presence of this 6th generation S-Class replaces the previous presidential car, the S600 Pullman Guard W221 which has been in operation since the leadership of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

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The iconic Yamaha QBIX 125 scooter has entered Indonesia, the price is IDR 100 million

Side view of Yamaha Qbix 125. Photo: Safari Motor

Yamaha QBIX can already be owned by Indonesian consumers. However, the unit is not sold from PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) as ATPM, but through the General Importer (IU), Safari Motor.

Kamal Firhad, owner of Safari Motor, said the iconic scooter was imported directly from Thailand. Now, regarding the quota, his party will only ship as many as 25 units for the Indonesian market.

“Since 2013 consumers have been waiting and only in 2021 we will enter. We only got 25 units and it looks like there will be no more,” said Kamal when contacted by coil, Monday (16/8).

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This is the most difficult technique when learning a manual car

Daihatsu Rocky Manual Transmission Lever. Photo: Muhammad Ikbal/coil

Learning to drive a manual car is certainly not easy. In addition to having to be able to operate the clutch pedal, brake, gas and transmission lever, novice drivers must also understand the etiquette of driving on the road.

Director of Training Safety Defensive Consultant (SDCI) Sony Susmana explained that understanding vehicle operations has indeed become the basics before driving.

“What is difficult here is how to shape the behavior, knowledge and understanding of the driver about driving etiquette on the highway, because it requires a process, good mentality, and thorough preparation. If it is operational, it will certainly not be forgotten,” he said.

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