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Gifts for the 76th Anniversary of the Ministry of Republic of Indonesia, Tanjung Simandolak Village, Producer of Superior Rice Seeds, First Export to Kampar

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RIAU24.COM – KUANSING- In conjunction with the Commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of the Ministry of Indonesia in 2021, Tanjung Simandolak Village, Benai District. Success is the only village that produces superior rice seeds, with the type “Bujang Marantau”, in Kuantan Singingi Regency, Riau Province.

“The success of this Tanjung Simandolak Village farmer coincides with the 76th Anniversary of the Ministry of Republic of Indonesia. So that we will export the type of rice seed with the Bujang Merantau variety,” said PJ Head of Tanjung Simandolak Village, Uwan accompanied by Head of BPD Tanjung Simandolak Village, Yekono Warman to journalists Tuesday (17/8).

He said, in accordance with the directions from the Riau Province Food Crops Service, as well as through the guidance of the Benai District Agricultural Extension Officer, Syafri Lubis, it is planned that this initial shipment will be sent to Kampar Riau district.

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Through the Harapan Bunga Tanjung Gapoktan, the number of certified seeds reached 5 tons. However, for this initial stage of delivery, it is approximately 1 ton,” he explained.

He explained, as the only village that produces superior rice seeds in Kuansing, of course this is to answer the challenge and at the same time give confidence to those who have guided the community, and farmers in Tanjung Simandolak Village so far, such as Agricultural Extension Officers and the Riau Province Food Crops Service. .

Likewise, the full support, especially the former chairman of the Kuansing DPRD, who has now become the Regent of Kuansing, Andi Putra SH MH, who has helped the superior seeds at the beginning of this idea, we really appreciate,” he said.

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“We hope that the initial delivery of seeds to Kampar can be carried out directly by the Regent, but because of the pandemic, it has to be carried out in a minimal way,” he explained.

Hopefully this can revive the economy of the people of Tanjung Simandolak Village, and hope for continued guidance and assistance from related stakeholders. “We also thank Ninik Mamak, the traditional leader of Kenegerian Simandolak, and the former head of the Benai Sub-district, Masnur Judin, who are very committed to advancing agriculture in our area,” he said.

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