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Tips for Passing the 18th Pre-Employment Card and Easy Ways to Create a New Account

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SURYA.CO.ID – The following are tips for passing the Wave 18 Pre-Employment Card and an easy way to create a new account for registration.

As is known, the Pre-Employment Card Wave 18 has been opened on Monday (16/8/2021) night starting at 19.00 WIB.

The Pre-Employment Card is an economic stimulus program by President Jokowi’s government to help the economy of the people affected by the Corona Virus or COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants who pass the Pre-Employment Card will receive assistance incentives of Rp. 3.55 million.

For information, the government has increased the budget for organizing Pre-Employment Cards by Rp. 10 trillion to reach 2.8 million participants.

So that the total government budget allocated for Pre-Employment Cards is Rp. 30 trillion.

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How to create a registration account:

1. Enter your full name, email and password at

2. Click Register.

3. Next, verify your email.

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