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Tips on how to make a good CV, important for those of you who want to apply for work

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TRIBUNPALU.COM – Curriculum Vitae or commonly called CV is the main thing needed to apply for job vacancies.

A CV or commonly known as a curriculum vitae contains the personal information of a job applicant.

From the CV, a recruiter will assess for the first time about the applicant, whether it is appropriate to be included in his company’s employees.

Therefore, the role of a CV is very important for a job applicant.

Making a good CV does not just design or write everything related to ourselves.

A CV that is too excessive actually makes it unsightly to the eye, as a result recruiters are reluctant to read the applicant’s curriculum vitae.

If the recruiter just doesn’t want to see an applicant’s CV, how will the applicant be called for the next stage of the recruitment process?

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Well here’s present important tips in making a curriculum vitae or curriculum vitae.


Do not use the words ‘Curriculum Viate’ or ‘Biography List’ as the title of your CV.

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