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Merapi Again Spews Hot Clouds Until Volcanic Ash Covers Several Areas, Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X Opens His Voice Give This Response – All Pages

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GridPop.ID – Mount Merapi spewed hot clouds again on Monday (16/8/2021).

This activity of Mount Merapi has erupted 2 times with volcanic material blown to the furthest distance of 3.5 kilometers.

As a result, several areas around the slopes of Mount Merapi experienced ash rain.

Basically, the activity of Mount Merapi has increased in recent times with the launch of hot clouds.

Then, how is the response of the government of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) to the activity of Mount Merapi?

Reported from Tribune Jogja, The Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X has not instructed the public to evacuate.

The reason is that the sliding distance of volcanic material is still within the danger radius set by the Yogyakarta BPPTKG, which is 5 km from the peak of Merapi.

“Not yet (evacuating), I don’t think the people will leave the place yet. Because I think it’s only around there. Later, BPPTKG will have (recommendations) we are waiting for news from there,” said Sri Sultan when met at the DIY DPRD, Monday (16 /8/2021).

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The Sultan explained that since the status of Mount Merapi was raised on November 5, 2020 from Level II (Alert) to Level III (Siaga), the development of Merapi’s activities did not appear to threaten residential areas or have not exceeded the potential dangers set by the BPPTKG.

“Merapi is an activity like this, the impact is indeed an eruption, so if the dust reaches it, the wind will just go there,” said the King of the Yogyakarta Palace.

Based on the monitoring of the Geological Disaster Technology Research and Development Center (BPPTKG), it was recorded that the hot clouds from Merapi avalanches again occurred on Monday (16/08/2021) at 08.45 WIB with an amplitude of 10 mm and a duration of 96 seconds with a sliding distance of 1500 meters to the southwest.

The head of Babadan 2 Atas Hamlet, Sudarno said, the activities of residents in his village were still running normally

“Since this morning, it has been raining ash like this. If the activities of the residents have not been disturbed. Currently, residents are still carrying out their daily activities,” he explained when contacted by, on Monday (16/08/2021).

He added that the impact of the ash splash caused damage to crops in the fields.

So, it is difficult to find animal feed because the grass is covered with ash from the eruption.

“If the impact of the ash is still the same, yes, it will most affect the residents’ crops and it is difficult to find animal feed. For physical damage due to eruption ash, there is no such thing,” he explained.

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Meanwhile, the person in charge and manager of the Nepal Van Java tour, Lilik Setyawan, said that Merapi ash this morning first flooded the Nepal Van Java area, Hamlet of Need.

Meanwhile, the ash from Merapi also flushed tourist spots in Nepal Van Java.

“Citizens’ activities have not been disrupted due to the ash rain earlier. Several tourist spots were also affected but they are still safe, only covered with ash. The existence of ash does not interfere with tourist activities because during the restrictions Nepal Van Java did not operate,” he said.

Meanwhile, based on a report by the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Magelang Regency, it was noted that as many as 8 sub-districts were affected by the splash of Merapi ash.

Among them, the Dukun District with moderate to thick ash rain that hit Krinjing Village, Paten Village, Sengi Village, and Banyudono Village.

Then, Sawangan District with moderate to thick ash rain which affected Kapuhan Village, Mangunsari Village, Soronalan Village, Ketep Village, and Gantang Village.

Tegalrejo District with light-moderate ash rain that hit Tegalrejo Village, Kebonagung Village, and Ngadirejo Village, and Klopo Village.

Subdistrict of Pakis with light ash rain which affected Pakis Village, Daseh Village, Rejosari Village, and Bawang Village.

Then, the Secang Districts are Madyocondro Village, Pucang Village, and Secang Village.

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Then, Windusari District, namely Windusari Village, Candimulyo District in Candimulyo Village, to Kaliangkrik District, Kebonlegi Village, also experienced light ash rain.

Seeing the impact of volcanic ash on your favorite vehicle, of course there are other impacts besides making the vehicle dirty.

Launching from, Monday (16/8/2021), Nugroho, the Head of the Pabelan Suzuki Car Workshop explained that in the air filter section of the car there will be a buildup of excess dirt.

If it turns out that the installed air filter is not suitable for use, then volcanic ash can enter the combustion chamber and damage the components inside.

“That’s right, for example, if the air filter has a hole or the cavity is too large, ash can enter the combustion chamber and result in more fatalities. However, if the air filter is still good, the possibility of ash entering the combustion chamber will still exist, but it is very unlikely,” Nugroho explained.

He also mentioned that the accumulation of volcanic ash in the braking system will make the brakes make a sound when activated.

Not only that, the cooling system in the car will also be disrupted. On a separate occasion, Technical Support Manager of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Didi Ahadi also said the same thing.

Volcanic ash that enters the combustion chamber of the engine has a great risk of injuring the cylinders such as the emergence of scratches. This is due to the rough and sharp form of volcanic ash.

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