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Intention to Buy Bitcoin? It’s an Easy Way to Create a New Account on Zipmex! —

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You may have decided to buy Bitcoin and various crypto- another cool one. However, choosing the crypto exchange where to buy it must be right, especially when it comes to creating a new account which is very easy. We recommend at Zipmex.

The increasingly crowded crypto market today has increasingly attracted the interest of new potential investors. The ever-increasing growth of crypto assets outweighs their depreciation has made digital currencies one of the favorite investment vehicles.

Of course, the need for investors for a trusted exchange that is able to shelter them in investing is increasingly needed. Especially in matters of depositing or withdrawing money, especially using rupiah.

Zipmex, one of platform investing in trusted and regulated crypto assets in Indonesia, can be a good choice for investors, especially beginners.

User interface (user interface) which is easy to understand and simple will make it easier for users to invest in crypto.

How to Create a New Account on Zipmex for Trading Crypto

  1. Click site Zipmex ( this. This site can be accessed using mobile web nor desktop web.You can also register via the app which can be downloaded at Apps Store or Google Play Store. However, this time, the Editor will show you how to create a new account via desktop web.

    OK, after the front page opens, you click the “Register” button in the upper right corner to access the new account registration page.

2. In the registration page, you will be asked to fill in form for address data email, password (password), confirm password, referral code (optional, if any) and tick “I accept the Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Policy.” Once everything is complete, all you have to do is click “Create my account.”

Oh yes, you are advised to view the page “CampaignThis is because there are various attractive promos for new users.

3. If successful, check e-mail You and check e-mail from Zipmex. You need to click the link “Verify Email” to proceed to the next stage.

3. If the link in email You are still working and valid, then you will be taken to the Zipmex page as above. Which will continue to the page sign in.

4. On page sign in, You will enter to platform Zipmex by entering the address email and the password used during registration. After that, click “Sign In.”

If it’s your first time sign in, then you will be taken to the “Welcome to Zipmex” welcome page.

On this page, you will be asked to verify your identity such as a photo of your ID card and appropriate personal data.

5. Also, you will be asked to record your selfie video for advanced verification. When you have everything you need ready, you can click “Verify Now.”

6. Next, you will enter the cellphone verification page. You need to enter an active mobile number to be sent an OTP code which must be entered immediately.

Bitcoin Zipmex

7. Next, the verification will ask for information regarding your citizenship data as well as your KTP number and full name.

8. Continue to follow the verification data requested to complete this stage. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes if everything is prepared.

If you have, you will be taken to the main page of platform Zipmex. Here, you can make crypto trading transactions as well as deposit and withdraw money.

Please note, if you pass the verification stage, then you will only be able to browse on this page. You still cannot enjoy the existing features, including transactions.

You will be able to carry out new deposit and transaction activities after your account has been successfully verified by Zipmex Indonesia. To speed up the verification process, ensure that all stages are carried out properly in accordance with the provisions applied at each stage.

If all of the conditions are met, then your account can be verified in less than 1×24 hours. Happy investing. [red]

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