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7 Portrait of Baim Wong’s Parents’ House. The Windows Steal Attention!

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Not only the Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven couples who live in a luxurious house like a palace, Baim Wong’s parents also live in a residence that is no less magnificent. it. Come on, see the portrait in this article!

Muhammad Ibrahim or the man who is familiarly called Baim Wong is one of the famous artists in Indonesia.

The man who is now focused on being youtuber This has been working for about 24 years in the world entertainment.

Although he is often busy creating content here and there, Baim never forgets to visit his parents.

On one occasion, he invited the audience to take a peek at his parents’ residence.

Here is a portrait of Baim Wong’s parents’ house shown on Baim Paula’s Youtube channel!

7 Portraits of Baim Wong’s Parents’ House

1. Central Room

the living room of Baim's parents' house

The luxury of Baim Wong’s parents’ house can be seen from the front.

Classic style furniture fills the room, complete with luxurious construction materials, such as marble and luxurious carvings.

In the middle of the room there is a table with a complete set with chairs dominated by brown color with quite a model old school.

Then on top of that, there are chandelier that increasingly adds a luxurious effect all at once vintage.

2. Arched Window

arch window

Inside Baim Wong’s parents’ house there is also a Mediterranean-style arch window.

The use of such windows certainly adds to the effect vintage which is aesthetic and blends with the residential theme of Baim Wong’s parents’ house.

3. Hallway

hallway of the house

In front of the arched window there was also a hallway with several rooms on the right.

At the end of the hall, there was also a room whose door was closed with curtains.

Well, that room is the room of “Aki”, the father of Baim Wong or grandfather of Kiano.

4. Bedroom

baim wong parents room

Finally Kiano and Papa Baim decided to rest in their room.

Not on the mattress, but on the floor that has been covered with a carpet with several pillows piled up.

5. Garden

minimalist garden

This house also has a garden filled with shady plants.

The presence of these plants of course makes the luxurious residence feel cool and beautiful.

To add to this comfortable atmosphere, there are also chairs and tables that are placed overlooking the garden.

It’s good for drinking coffee or ngeteh in the morning and evening.

6. Aquarium


On one side of the house, there is also an aquarium lit by special lights.

Well, from here we can also see how wide Baim Wong’s parents’ house is.

7. TV room

TV room

Then, this residence also has a viewing area that can be a relaxing place with family.

This room has a large TV and a sofa that can make residents of the house feel at home for long!


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*** photo source: Youtube Baim Paula

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