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Regent : thanks and highest appreciation to all Paskibraka members

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Kuningan, – The raising and lowering of the red and white flag in commemoration of the 76th Independence Day of the Republic of Indonesia at the Kuningan Regency level which was carried out in the yard of the Kuningan Regency Secretariat’s office was very successful with a highly disciplined flag raising troop.

With the completion of the task of raising and lowering the flag, the flag-raising troops were automatically disbanded. By taking place in the Hall of the Pendopo, Kuningan Regency, Paskibraka in 2021 was disbanded and witnessed directly by the Kuningan Regent H. Acep Purnama, SH., MH and the Deputy Regent of Kuningan HM Ridho Suganda, SH., M.Si along with the Forkopimda of the Kuningan Regency, Tuesday Afternoon (17/08/2021).

The Kuningan Regent, representing the regional government, expressed his appreciation to all the flag-raising troops this year.

“Personally and on behalf of the Kuningan Regency Government, I would like to express my highest gratitude and appreciation to all Paskibraka members who have been directly involved in the activities of the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia in 2021 who have carried out their duties well and successfully, especially to my children. paskibraka.” said the Regent.

He also said that the success of the paskibraka in carrying out their duties could not be separated from the role of all components involved in the training process.

“It is proven that today, when the younger siblings were trusted and allowed to become the officers of the heritage flag hoisting starting from the selection, training, and today’s disbandment, all of the younger brothers and sisters have completed their duties with extraordinary honors. I am proud of all of this, because the younger brothers and sisters were guided by their brothers, the TNI and POLRI successfully without the slightest flaw, once again I am on behalf of the people of Kab. Brass gives the highest appreciation. hopefully our experience today will be a provision for all of us, especially for younger siblings, one day younger siblings can pioneer the goals they want, you can only pray that what you want is achieved, “said the Regent.

The event ended with the symbolic awarding of medals and certificates by the Regent, Deputy Regent, and the Kuningan Regional Secretary Dr. H. Dian Rachmat Yanuar, M.Si. (Bid/Ikp/Diskominfo)

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