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4 Kitchen Layout Mistakes to Avoid

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JAKARTA, – The kitchen is the starting and ending place for all activities at home. We start the day with breakfast in the kitchen and end it with dinner with the family.

No wonder, the kitchen is the heart of a house. Therefore, the kitchen should be functional and comfortable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work as intended due to a layout error or layout.

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This layout error not only worsens the appearance of the kitchen, but also makes it non-functional and comfortable. As a result, cooking activities in the kitchen are difficult and unpleasant.

For that, it is important to arrange the kitchen as well as possible. Well, to avoid the wrong layout, the following is quoted from the page: Today’s Homeowner, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

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No kitchen work triangle

The triangle in question is a refrigerator, stove, and sink. In the space between the three, all the main work takes place. That is why it is necessary to ensure that access in this direction becomes easier.

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Each side of the triangle should be at least three meters apart in the kitchenette. However, no more than 7.5 to eight meters in larger kitchens.

Otherwise, the kitchen space will be too cramped to work or spend a lot of time running around the kitchen.

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Not enough space to cook

When you want to cook, you certainly do it in several areas. It takes more energy to go back and forth from one area to the next making cooking uncomfortable.

Carefully consider the space available for the food preparation area. If you can’t redesign the kitchen, add a table island or a bar counter to provide the space needed to peel, chop, slice, and season delicious foods.

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Not enough lighting or outlets

Cooking and preparing food requires adequate lighting so the kitchen area should be well lit.

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