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4 Ways to Keep Tulips Fresh and Not Drooping in a Vase

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JAKARTA, – Tulips are one of the flowers that are often used as cut flowers to add nuance and color to the room. House.

Although associated with spring flowers, tulips are often found year-round in flower shops. Unfortunately, tulips tend to droop more easily in a vase than other flowers like roses.

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Usually, to keep cut flowers fresh, people add a little bleach to the water in the flower vase. However, this method is actually not very effective, especially for tulips. So, what is the most effective way?

Quoted from the page Better Homes and Gardens, Tuesday (17/8/2021), here’s how to keep tulips fresh and not drooping in a vase.

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Use flower preservative

Many flower shop-bought bouquets provide small packets of flower food or flower preservative to mix into the water.

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However, if you cut the tulips from your own garden, you can buy flower preservatives online online or in the garden center. Follow the instructions on the package and the flowers will last longer than flowers stored in plain water.

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Pay attention to the flower pair

Sometimes, tulips are often combined with other flowers in a vase to give a colorful appearance and enhance the look.

However, it is important to pay attention to the flowers that will be combined with the tulips. Because, these flowers can actually make the flowers wither quickly

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For example, tulips and lilies. Even though they look beautiful in a vase, tulips will droop and dry faster than lilies.

This is because lilies have a chemical in their sap that makes it difficult for tulip stems to absorb water. Therefore, it is best to avoid pairing the two in one vase.

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