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How to make roses bloom often, spray the leaves and roses after it rains

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TRIBUNJAMBI.COM – The rose plant does have a charm in its flowers.

Although beautiful and thorny, the beautiful charm of roses is timeless.

From ancient times to the present, roses remain a plant that is cherished by its loyal fans.

Roses are also considered a sign of love so their prices in florists are slightly different.

In caring for roses, there is a special way to flower often.

Quoted from the Senior Unemployed YouTube channel, Tuesday (10/8/2021), here’s how to care for rose plants so that they flower diligently and the flowers are large.

Give it sunlight

Rose plants must get enough sunlight for the photosynthesis process to take place properly.

So, make sure the need for sunlight can be obtained by rose plants throughout the day.

Give the appropriate fertilizer

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