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The BNS community is not yet ‘free’ from the terror of wild elephants

  • Share – At the moment of the 76th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, the people of Suoh Subdistrict, West Lampung Regency, were again terrorized by a herd of elephants with the original habitat of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS).

The elephant terror has been going on for the last 15 days and the task force (Satgas) for handling elephant conflicts continues to make various efforts so that the herd of proboscis animals can move back away into the jungles of the national park.

Head of TNBBS Resort Suoh Sulki confirmed Tuesday (17/8) that his party together with the TNI, Polri, DPRD members, village officials, were then assisted by officers from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Wildlife Response Unit (WRU), Indonesian Rhino Foundation (YABI). ) continue to patrol and keep watch with the community and make efforts to dispel the elephant herd from returning to arable land or residential areas.

“To this day, the position of the elephant herd is monitored the same as four days ago, namely in the vicinity of Mount Loreng, included in the Pekon Gunung Ratu area, about 1,300 meters from the hamlet (stakeholder),” said Sulki.

Previously, he said, a herd of elephants, one of which was named Bunga, who had been fitted with a GPS Collar to facilitate monitoring, had been only about 250 meters from the causeway which also approached residential areas, but was still within the TNBBS area. The existence of the elephant area certainly made the community feel anxious, but with the alertness of the Task Force, the elephant herd continued to move away from the settlement.

“Indeed, it was observed about 250 meters from the road, but Alhamdulillah the herd of elephants was able to keep away, and now it is about 1,300 meters and is in the vicinity of a bamboo forest, which is one of the sources of food for these animals,” said Sulki.

So far, said Sulki, the losses suffered by the community have only been in the form of damage to huts for shelter on arable land, then banana plants belonging to the community. And he hopes that the public will remain vigilant, especially since the area is an elephant crossing.

“Hopefully the elephant herd can continue to stay away from the jungle forest of TNBBS, and we do not stop urging the community, especially those with arable land, to remain vigilant, and not to do things that endanger safety such as driving away the herd of elephants without coordinating with the Task Force,” he concluded. (nop/mlo)

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