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Unique, Youth and Parents Proclamation of Indonesian Independence Ceremony in the Middle of Rice Fields

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SERANG, BANTEN RAYA – Young people and parents in Gunungsari District, Serang Regency, Banten, have a unique way of commemorating the Proclamation of Indonesian Independence by holding a flag ceremony in the middle of the rice fields. This event was also attended by children in the area.

Syafaat, one of the ceremony committee said, the ceremony was held in the middle of the rice field because the government banned activities in public areas for the public. “So our event is in the middle of the rice fields, in Sawah Kali Kidul Kampung Kopi, Sukalaba Village, Gunungsari District, Serang Regency,” said Syafaat, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

Syafaat said the flag that was flown measuring 5 x 3 meters was held by the youth in the village. Like a ceremony, during the raising of the flag, accompanied by the anthem Indonesia Raya.

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Unlike the raising of the red and white flag on the flagpole, the red and white flag that is hoisted is only spread over the farmers’ rice plants which are still green. After that the flag will be allowed to fly over the rice plants. Meanwhile, the sides of the flag are tied and tied to poles or stakes until the afternoon. (tohir)

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