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Here’s how to make moms less stressed during a pandemic, one of them is a positive form of communication with family – All Pages

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Here's how to make Moms less stressed during a pandemic


Here’s how to make Moms less stressed during a pandemic – The Covid-19 pandemic is still ongoing, this is certainly very influential on everyone.

In addition, during the pandemic there are many changes such as parents working from home, activities cannot be carried out as usual, lack of social interaction.

However, a pandemic can also allow Moms and Dads to be innovative and up to date about technology and have time with family.

These changes can cause stress, one of which is Moms who are breastfeeding.

Caring for a newborn can be stressful, and the adjustments you need to make in your life may add to the stress.

Also, stress may not be the same for all moms.

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Some may deal with it quite effectively, while others may struggle to cope.

However, if you are breastfeeding, various physical, social, and emotional factors can make you more susceptible to stress and anxiety.

So, what is stress?

According to Irma Afriyanti Bakhtiary, M.Psi. Psychologist, head of HR and Organizational Development division of AIMI Center for breastfeeding counselors, stress is a response to an unpleasant situation.

“Stress occurs when the demands are not in accordance with our abilities, so how to avoid stress? The demands are lowered,” said Irma in a virtual event themed “RelaksASI for Mama “, Senin (16/8/2021).

Then, the reaction after the emergence of stress that occurs is anxiety.

According to Irma, signs of anxiety that can appear to Moms are cold sweats, nervousness, to the point of not being able to focus on something.

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Irma shares some tips so Moms don’t get stressed and stay happy during the pandemic.

Here are some tips so you don’t get stressed and stay happy during the pandemic, such as:

– Have a regular schedule but remain flexible

– Implement positive communication with children and partners

Self care or me time

– Stay connected with people around like family or friends

– Do not forget to be grateful and increase worship

In addition, when you are stressed you can do butterfly hug by using both palms to form like a butterfly.

Then, put your palms in front of your chest and pat your chest alternately.

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