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Fly the Indonesian Flag, How Great is the Combat Helicopter?

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KBRN, Jakarta: The Indonesian Air Force (AU) participated in the celebration of the 76th Republic of Indonesia’s Birthday during a ceremony at the Jakarta Palace.

A total of eight F-16 Fighting Falcon strategic fighter aircraft and six combat helicopters belonging to the Indonesian National Army (TNI) proudly flew high while flying the red and white flag.

The following are the specifications of the combat helicopters flown by the Indonesian Air Force:

1. Helicopter EC-725 Caracal

The EC-725 Caracal helicopter is one of the aircraft made by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI).

This helicopter has also been used by more than 30 heads of state in the world. These include Mexico, Brazil, Nepal, Cameroon, Chile, Oman, Singapore, South Korea, France, Spain, Japan and the United Arab Emirates.

In addition, this EC725 helicopter also has two Turbomeca Makila 2A1 engines that can save on maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Remarkably, the two engines do not result in higher engine temperatures, thereby minimizing the risk of being shot by enemies using heat detectors.

This helicopter has excellent visibility to look down and sideways. The EC725 can also land on rocky and even snowy runways, making it possible to be used to escort the president to various parts of the country.

Not only that, this helicopter can be armed because the speed will not decrease even if you have to carry heavy weapons. The helicopter is Sea State 6 certified, and has an underfloor buoy for emergencies requiring sea or water landings.

This buoy can develop automatically in emergency conditions when the aircraft’s speed reaches 150 knots. This helicopter is based in the 8th Wing 4th Air Squadron at Atang Sendjaja Air Base, Bogor, West Java.

Meanwhile, the EC-725 AP Caracal helicopter with registration numbers HT-7205 and HT-3304 will later enliven the Indonesian skies during the 17 August commemoration by raising the red and white flag in the air.

2. Helicopter Super Puma NAS 332 L1

The NAS 332 Super Puma is a helicopter from Aérospatiale (now Airbus Helicopters) with 4 blades, twin engines and medium size.

The helicopter which first flew in 1978 is an updated version of the Aérospatiale SA 330 Puma. Super Puma proved to be very popular, recorded in the period July 1981 to April 1987 an average of 3 helicopters were produced for both military and civilian orders per day.

This helicopter was also produced by PT Dirgantara Indonesia (formerly PT IPTN) with an Aerospatiale license. The Presidential NAS 332 Super Puma helicopter is maintained under the auspices of the State Secretariat, with the 45th Air Squadron based at Halim Perdanakusumah as the main operator.

This air squadron is only specifically used for the President and Vice President when visiting remote parts of Indonesia by helicopter. Squadron 45 is relatively new, because it was only inaugurated in 2011, previously the Presidential Super Puma helicopter was the display case for Squadron 17 VIP/VVIP.

The readiness of the presidential helicopter must always be in top condition. There are three helicopters painted white and gray, namely with registration numbers H-3203, H-3205 and H-3206. The three helicopters for maintenance were entrusted to PT DI in Bandung.

In commemoration of the upcoming 76th Indonesian Independence Day, the Super Puma NAS 332 L1 helicopter with registration numbers H-3203 and H-3206 will decorate the sky along with the flying of the flag as a symbol of the Republic of Indonesia.

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