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4 Ways to Make a Simple Dining Table Look Luxurious

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JAKARTA, – The dining table is one of the most important elements in the house. In addition to enjoying food, the dining table is a means of gathering family members.

The existence of the dining table is also versatile. In addition to serving and enjoying food, during this pandemic, the dining table is also widely used as a work desk or study table.

There are many types and models of dining tables that you can choose from. However, if your dining table has a simple model or even a dining table inherited from your parents or grandparents, you can still make it look elegant and luxurious.

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Reported from Apartment Therapy, Tuesday (17/8/2021), here are some ways to make a simple dining table look luxurious.

Illustration of a dining table.UNSPLASH/NATHAN OAKLEY Illustration of a dining table.

1. Clean the table top

If you have an antique dining table or inherited from your parents or grandparents, you need to clean the table top. Check for existing damage, then fix it.

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If your dining table is made of solid wood, you can sand and polish it. However, if you don’t want to do a lot of work, you can make some small improvements to make the table look better.

“Dents will be more difficult to remove, but minor scratches can sometimes be touched with a furniture marker, just be sure to let them dry completely so they don’t transfer to the fabric,” says Kate Ziegler, a Boston-based real estate agent.

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“White circle stains left on drinks that don’t come with a coaster will usually lift when rubbed with alcohol and classic wood cleaners, which will restore shine and hide the stain,” he adds.

2. Change table legs

Just like any other piece of furniture with legs, a dining table can look a lot more expensive once you trade it for something better. Look under the table to see if you can easily remove and replace the table legs.

Illustration of a dining table.PEXELS/MAX VAKTHBOVYCH Illustration of a dining table.

If not, see if you can paint the base or polish it to make it look newer and more updated.

3. Tidy the dining table

For a dining table that is very simple in design or a dining table that cannot be updated in appearance, step up the quality with some carefully selected decorations.

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There’s no need for a full tablecloth, which Ziegler says can seem overwhelming.

“But a tablecloth will draw attention away from the surface itself, and the choice of fabric can help bring any table shape or style more in line with the rest of your home aesthetic,” says Ziegler.

You also don’t need to limit yourself to the dining table itself.

“Try adding some upholstered chairs or sarongs for a curated look with a centerpiece of interest, such as a natural flower arrangement or vase collection,” explains Angela Deniston, strategic real estate advisor at Real Estate Bees.

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Ziegler agrees that the center table appeal is a good choice.

“Consider a permanent centerpiece, such as a potted plant, an antique candle holder set, or a tray with cocktail utensils can distract from any flaws on the table itself,” he explains.

4. Don’t forget the floor

Don’t forget, there is a whole space on the dining table that can make it look more expensive, namely the floor in your dining room.

“Add a rug under the (dining table) for an extra detail that will enhance the room,” says Deniston.

When coordinated with other décor in the room, it will make the dining table look like part of an overall attractive design scheme.

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