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Asus Introduces Chromebook Flip C214: Made for Children’s Learning, Military Standard Body

  • Share, Jakarta – Asus introduces the Chromebook Flip C214. This laptop is specifically designed to meet the learning or educational needs of children.

Besides being equipped with special features to support learning activities, this device is designed with military grade, in order to provide extra protection when used by children.

Rifan Fernando, Sales Engineer for Asus Indonesia in a virtual Sneak Peek Media said, considering that the target users are children, the risk of damage is quite high. “That’s what we are trying to minimize, the damage effect,” he said, Monday (16/8/2021).

Therefore, Rifan revealed that for the Chromebook Flip C214, Asus added protection for the workstation like area keyboard and touchpad.

On the keyboard, the Asus Chromebook C214 is equipped with the following features: spill and tamper resistant. So, the part becomes more resistant when exposed to water spills.

In addition, a laptop with a screen type flip screen it also has key caps which is stronger, so it is not easy for children’s fingers to pry.

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