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BPK Values ​​Procurement of N95 Masks is wasteful, Riza: It is in accordance with the provisions

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TEMPO.CO, JakartaDeputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria stated that the auction process for the purchase of N95 masks and the procurement of COVID-19 rapid test kits had complied with the provisions, although this was recently the finding of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). According to Riza, it is BPK’s job to check regularly.

Meanwhile, in the procurement of rapid test equipment in 2020, an excess was found with a value of up to Rp 1.1 billion.

Head of the DKI Jakarta Health Office, Widyastuti, said that there were no findings of state losses in the procurement process in 2020. “This is an activity in 2020 and has been examined by the BPK and no state losses have been found, it’s just an administrative problem,” said Widyastuti.

According to Widyastuti, the overpayment is adjusted to the needs. Procurement The first N95 masks received complaints from users. “Of course we are in accordance with the specifications requested with input from the user.”

Not only the procurement of N95 masks is not a problem, but also procurement of rapid test equipment. The provision of rapid test kits is to ensure that residents can check on residents regularly. “At that time, price fluctuations occurred and we did not understand, so we asked for assistance from examiners, inspectors, prosecutors for the process in DKI at that time.”

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