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Surgical Specifications Honda Brio Satya, Best Selling Cheap Car in Indonesia

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PEOPLE’S MIND – Talking about the best-selling car in Indonesia, there is one vehicle name that never escapes the eyes of the public. The car is a Honda Brio Satya.

Unlike the usual Brio variant, the Honda Brio Satya is the cheapest version of the Brio family so that many features have been trimmed.

Because its features are trimmed, the price of this car is one of the cheapest in Indonesia.

What are the specifications of the Honda Brio Satya?

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Quoted from various sources, Tuesday, August 17, 2021, Honda Brio Satya entered the car category low cost green car (LCGC) or cheap environmentally friendly cars.

Because many features have been trimmed, the Honda Brio Satya has many differences from the RS variant.

For example, the grille of the Honda Brio Satya still uses a chrome model while the RS already uses a gloss black model.

The exterior of the Honda Brio Satya is also simple because it does not get an electric model mirror (it still has to be folded manually), side skirts on the body, and the body only uses one color.

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