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Tiger Collar Herb, Supposedly Nutritious to Fertilize the Content

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Jamu is a traditional Indonesian herbal concoction that has been used for generations. Herbal medicine has many properties that can be used to treat diseases to maintain a healthy body. One that is known is the tiger collar herbal medicine.

What is tiger collar herbal medicine and is there any benefit for the body? Here’s the review!

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History of Herbal Medicine

If traced from the history, launching from the portal Indonesian InformationThe tradition of drinking this herbal medicine has been around since 1300 AD and is a historic drink.

The word herbal medicine is the Old Javanese language Djampi which means ‘healing’.

Jamu is made from a mixture of various herbal plants and then the juice is extracted by pounding it.

Launching from, Indonesian people have known herbal medicine since the days of the Mataram Kingdom.

At that time, Indonesian women were already producing herbal medicine. Meanwhile, the men are tasked with finding various herbal ingredients as raw materials for herbal medicine.

However, with the popularity of chemical drugs, the science and tradition of drinking herbal medicine slowly began to be abandoned.

However, the popularity of herbal medicine began to increase since the Japanese colonial era and even the Indonesian Herbal Medicine Committee was formed.

Furthermore, in 1974-1990 several herbal medicine companies began to emerge. The government also takes part in providing guidance and assistance to herbal medicine producers.

Well, if in Indonesia this traditional herb is known as herbal medicine, similar treatment methods also exist in several other countries but only with different names.

For example, in India it is known as ayurveda or zhongyi.

What is Tiger Collar Herb?

tiger collar herb

Photo: @brmprabu

One of the herbs that have many benefits is the tiger collar herb.

According to a study entitled Herb Tiger Collars Ancestral Cultural Heritage by Devi Rahmayanti ST, it is known that this herbal medicine is the original culture of ancestors from Malang, East Java.

The tiger collar herbal medicine became known to the wider community after the artist Ussy Sulistiawaty shared the happy news about the pregnancy of her fifth child in January 2021.

The news was conveyed by Ussy in a video on their Youtube account. It is known that during the fifth child pregnancy program, Ussy consumed the tiger collar herbal medicine.

Ussy’s introduction to the tiger collar herbal medicine began when he and his family were on vacation to Andhika’s hometown in Malang.

Then, Ussy’s father-in-law offered the tiger collar herbal medicine which is known to be efficacious for fertilizing the womb.

Although the name is foreign to the public’s ears, this herbal medicine is already known as one of the Javanese ancestral heritage.

Then, what are the benefits of tiger collar herbs?

In this article, we will discuss further about the origin, how to make it, and the benefits of the tiger collar herbal medicine.

Come on, see the explanation about the following tiger collar herbal sundries, Moms!

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Tiger Collar Herb Stuffing


Foto: Orami Photo Stocks

Launching from a book entitled Javanese Traditional Herbal Medicine by Ratih Jarmanto, it is explained that the name ‘tiger collar’ means a tiger that is fighting.

However, in the meaning of offerings, it is interpreted that tiger collar herbs are spices mixed together so that they are useful for strengthening the body, fertilizing pregnancy and calming the soul.

In addition, the tiger collar medicine consists of various types of flowers such as roses, jasmine, ylang, and kantil.

Then, it is mixed with fragrant pandan and other empons such as dlingo, bengle, secang wood, cardamom, sandalwood, lime, guava leaves, to salt.

Benefits of Tiger Collar Herb

tiger collar herb

Foto: Orami Photo Stocks

Actually, this tiger collar herbal medicine is easy to find in several areas on the island of Java and is generally sold in traditional markets.

Not only for pregnancy, this herbal medicine is also thought to be able to cleanse the body, relax, and restore stamina and vitality.

If you feel tired and tired after a long day of work, you can try soaking in the tiger collard herbal water to refresh your body and relieve fatigue.

In fact, the tiger collar herbal medicine bath is believed to be able to make a person more confident, so it is often used as one of the completeness of the sacred bathing ritual by the descendants of ancient nobility.

During the acculturation period of Hindu, Islamic, and according to traditional Javanese beliefs, this herb can be a healing agent to avoid viral diseases or disorders that are astral or non-medical.

In addition to those described above, there are a number of other benefits when consuming tiger collar herbs for women, namely:

  • Nurture the content
  • Get rid of whiteness
  • Lowering body temperature or fever
  • Maintain skin health
  • Launching the menstrual cycle
  • Caring for female organs
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors
  • Eliminates body odor
  • Warm the body
  • Smoothen the digestive system

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How to Make Tiger Collar Herb

tiger collar herb

Foto: Orami Photo Stocks

After knowing the benefits and properties, here’s how to make tiger collar herbs so you can immediately take advantage of the benefits.

Come on, see the following explanation!


Here are some ingredients to make tiger collar herbs that you must prepare:

  • 1 medium pot of water
  • Flowers (3 kantil, 3 kenanga, 1 rose)
  • 5 cm jahe
  • 3 heads of grated turmeric, squeezed
  • 3 tbsp tamarind
  • 1 block brown sugar
  • 100 gr granulated sugar (can replace honey)
  • 1 stick of cinnamon
  • 7 cardamoms
  • 2 limes
  • 1 lb pandan leaf knot

How to Make Tiger Collar Herb

Making this tiger collar herbal medicine is simple. Moms just need to boil all the ingredients in a clay jug or ceramic material on low heat until it boils.

However, sugar and lime are added last, Moms.

So, wait for all the ingredients to boil first then add the lime and sugar then turn off the heat and wait until the hot steam dissipates.

Next, put it in a bottle and drink it every day. Now Moms can consume tiger collar herbs at home. Easy, right?

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Well, that’s all sundries of tiger collar herbs. Starting from its history, origin, how to make it, to its health benefits.

If you have problems related to pregnancy, you can try consuming this tiger collar herbal medicine, you know. However, still consult a doctor, yes.

Approximately, are you interested in trying the tiger collar herbal medicine?

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