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The look of an insult to Jokowi who wears Baduy traditional clothes, mocks selling honey at the crossroads

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INDOZONE.ID – A man with the Twitter account @pawletariat is being hunted by netizens for insulting President Jokowi who wore traditional Baduy clothes at the Annual Session of the MPR RI and the State Speech of the President of the Republic of Indonesia in commemoration of the 76th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, as well as the Joint Session of the DPR RI and DPD RI which were held at the Parliament Complex. , Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (16/8/2021).

“Jokowi wearing Baduy traditional clothes really fits, just bring honey + squat at the intersection,” wrote the account @pawletariat.

Insulting jokes against President Jokowi who wears traditional Baduy clothes
Insulting jokes against President Jokowi who wears Baduy clothes (Twitter)

This tease also made netizens angry because he was considered to have humiliated the Head of State and also insulted the tradition of the Baduy tribe who did stay away from modernization.

“Where do you live bro, I want to see your look,,, look at my tribe as a honeycomb… I think your face needs to be made up bro,” wrote @Ibenk22380784 furious.

“I’m from Tangerang Banten, may I know which person you are? Let’s have coffee together, please. Please set a time for coffee together,” commented @AndyPratama_A.

Netizens are also hunting for the man’s digital footprint. His name is known to be Mohammad Bernie Kurniawan, a journalist at one of the national media in Indonesia.

The look of a man who insults Jokowi when wearing traditional Baduy clothes
The look of a man insulting Jokowi when wearing Baduy traditional clothes (Special)

However, after going viral, Bernie deleted his Linkedin account which contained some data about his career. Even so, netizens still continue to get other information to the dating application Tinder.

The look of a man who insults Jokowi when wearing traditional Baduy clothes
The look of a man insulting Jokowi when wearing Baduy traditional clothes (Special)
The look of a man who insults Jokowi when wearing traditional Baduy clothes
The look of a man insulting Jokowi when wearing Baduy traditional clothes (Special)

Jokowi’s reason for wearing traditional Baduy clothes

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) explained the reason for wearing Baduy traditional clothes when attending the annual session of the Indonesian People’s Consultative Assembly, Monday (16/8/2021). Jokowi admitted that he liked the design of Baduy traditional clothes, which were simple and comfortable to wear.

“The clothes I wear are traditional Baduy clothing. I like it because the design is simple, simple and comfortable to wear,” said Jokowi at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta, Monday (16/8/2021).

He also thanked the head of the Indigenous Baduy Society, Jaro Saija, who had prepared the clothes so he could wear them at the annual session of the MPR RI.

“I want to thank Jaro Saija, the traditional leader of the Baduy community, who has prepared this traditional dress,” said Jokowi.

The meaning of Bedouin customary clothing

Simple but has an inner message, according to fashion observer and fashion designer from the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Lisa Fitria assessing the impression that arises when she sees President Joko Widodo wearing traditional Baduy clothing outside.

“We see that the dress is very simple, besides being comfortable because the design is very simple, it has quite a deep meaning,” said Lisa, quoted from Antara, Tuesday (17/8/2021).

From a visual perspective, the outfit, named “Jamang Sangsang”, consists of a top with buttons on the front, long sleeves and black pants. This dress is made from natural fibers such as cotton or linen.

Jamang Sangsang’s clothing is different from the Baduy Tribe in that they still maintain the standard, namely shirts without buttons, stitches and dominated by white. The headband is also white.

“The neck to the chest does not use a collar, no pockets and buttons are the original standards. But what you are wearing, the outer Baduy clothing already has buttons, it has been modified,” he said.

Some people call Jamang Sangsang the Outer Baduy Tribe as a “kampret” shirt because it no longer follows the original standard.

Then, like the outside Baduy people who can be found in Kanekes Village, Leuwidamar, Banten, the President also wears a telekung or headband which is also called a dark blue and black “concert” with a batik motif.

This batik motif is obtained from the flora or plants that grow around the people living.

The president also wears a bag called a “koja” or “jarog”. This bag has become an inseparable part of the outside Baduy, serving as a place to store the equipment they need.

As footwear, the President wears rope sandals. In the Baduy community, these sandals are usually made from water hyacinth plants, banana midribs or using plants that they grow or are around them.

Speaking of impressions, Lisa thought, the President’s authority radiated through this dress. He also looks comfortable with a simple design but has a deep meaning.

“Father’s authority is extraordinary, so this way it looks more sacred. You get goosebumps. This simplicity makes you more religious. From a spiritual point of view, you can see his charisma,” he said.

In terms of messages, according to Lisa, the President seemed to convey the hope that the Indonesian people would follow the example of the Baduy people who respect nature and culture. What the Baduy did in fact bears sweet fruit. In addition to nature that is still sustainable, there were no cases of COVID-19.

The expert on gestures and microexpressions from the Association of Forensic Psychology (APSIFOR), Monica Kumalasari also expressed the same thing. He, on a separate occasion, said that the traditional clothes worn by the President are called pasemons, which are symbols to convey certain messages to the public.

Monica also said that this Baduy shirt symbolizes simplicity which has resulted in zero COVID-19 cases. According to him, the people there follow and respect the customary leader. They are also in their lives close to nature and isolated as is the condition of everyone in the current pandemic.

In addition, the Baduy people also tend to follow a healthy lifestyle. The absence of electricity allows people to get enough sleep.

“These are things that I want to convey to the community so that they can imitate the Baduy community,” he said.

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