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Distanbun and Dispangan Aceh Distribute Fruits to Medical Workers

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Report of Herianto I Banda Aceh

SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH – The Aceh Agriculture and Plantation Service together with the Aceh Food Service, and other technical agencies, Monday (16/8) coincided with the 6th Anniversary of the Indonesian Fruits Title (GBN) and in commemoration of the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, distributed aid of various types of fruits. to medical personnel who work in the pinire room in a number of regional public hospitals, orphanages and other community groups.

“The types of locally produced fruits that we distribute to medical personnel who handle COVID-19 patients and orphanages include melons, mangosteens, oranges, rambutans, papayas, pineapples and others which are in season this month,” said the Head of the Service. Aceh Agriculture and Plantation, Ir Cut Huzaimah MP who was accompanied by the Head of Horticulture, Ir Charil Anwar MP, to Serambi, Monday (16/8/2021) after handing over the fruit donations to a number of hospitals and orphanages in Banda Aceh.

Kadistanbun Aceh, Cut Huzaimah stated that the handing over of fruit aid to a number of hospitals and orphanages in Banda Aceh was accompanied by the Head of the Aceh Food Service, Ir Cut Yusminar A.Pi, MSi, Head of Horticulture, Ir Chairil Anwal MP, Head of Horticulture Processing and Marketing , Angri Sanjaya SP, MP, Head of Horticulture Production, Dedi Wasliman, SP, Head of Seed and Horticultural Crop Protection, Ir Masniard and a number of staff.

The first handover ceremony for the fruit aid was carried out to RSUZA, which was received directly by the Director of RSUZA, Dr. Isra and Deputy Director, Dr. Abdul Fatah.

During the fruit delivery ceremony, Cut Huzaimah said to the Director of the RSUZA, Dr. Isra, these fruits were distributed to the RSUZA, to be consumed by medical officers working in the pinire room, along with COVID-19 patients.

The purpose of providing assistance with these fruits to medical officers and COVID-19 patients, said Cut Huzaimah, is to help increase the immunity of medical staff and COVID-19 patients.

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With the distribution of various fresh fruits to medical staff and COVID-19 patients, the food menu for medical staff and COVID-19 patients will increase, so that it will increase morale and endurance in treating COVID-19 patients.

“Similarly, for patients who consume a lot of fruits that contain vitamin C, the health condition of the Covid-19 patient’s body recovers quickly, because he gets various types of vitamins from consuming various types of fruits that we distribute,” said Cut Huzaimah.

For example, melons, papayas, sweet oranges, contain lots of vitamin C.

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