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3 Ways to Make Nasi Tumpeng to Celebrate a Special Day, Delicious and Easy

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3 Ways to Make Nasi Tumpeng to Celebrate a Special Day, Delicious and EasyTumpeng illustration. ©2020 – Many big days or special days such as birthdays, holidays, and independence days are celebrated by making rice cones. Tumpeng rice generally uses yellow rice, but over time, many creations have been made, starting from red and white rice and uduk rice. But still, what is most often served is usually the yellow rice cone.

The origin of yellow rice is actually from Java, although there are many yellow rice dishes in various regions, the influence comes from Java. Now the majority of Indonesians are very familiar with serving yellow rice for various celebrations.

In Balinese tradition the meaning is different again. Yellow is one of the four sacred colors that become beliefs or beliefs, in addition to white, red and black. Yellow rice is often served when the Kuningan Ceremony is held.

In conclusion, the ancient Javanese were indeed very considerate when creating and serving yellow rice as a special dish. Yellow rice not only has a good meaning but also a prayer for people who enjoy it and celebrate happy moments as quoted from the Liputan6 page.

Here summarizes how to make rice cone to celebrate a special day:

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