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4 Ways to Make a Narrow Kitchen Look Spacious with Courtyard Paint all

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JAKARTA, – Using the right paint is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to give a room a change. This also includes small kitchens or narrow kitchens.

Narrow kitchens have limited renovation options. Careful manipulation of color and its impact on lighting can visually expand a kitchen and make it appear much more spacious than it really is.

Reported from The Spruce, Tuesday (17/8/2021), here are some ways to make a narrow kitchen look spacious using paint.

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Paint illustration.FREEPIK/RACOOL_STUDIO Paint illustration.

1. Neutral color dominance

If you have a narrow kitchen, white paint and other neutral colors can be a lifesaver. White paint reflects light and makes the room look spacious.

When you use it on walls, tables, cabinets, and ceilings, you create a cohesive space with few borders or edges to limit views.

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To avoid making a room feel too white, use different shades of white or add a different texture with fabrics or wallcoverings.

You can use slightly different paint hues to highlight hidden cabinet panels, add interest to the room and prevent them from becoming too faded. However, it is also important to create contrast and interest in your kitchen.

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2. Paint for kitchen cabinets or kitchen cabinets

Dark wood cabinets in a narrow kitchen absorb light and make the room feel cramped, narrow, and tiny. You can make your kitchen feel completely different just by painting those dark cabinets a lighter color.

Stained and lacquered cabinets require a little preparation, but you can easily make them look like new and change the look of your kitchen by painting them a light color.

Kitchen illustration, kitchen floor.SHUTTERSTOCK/BEYOND TIME Kitchen illustration, kitchen floor.

If kitchen cabinets are in poor condition, consider repairing them by coating them with a lighter layer and installing new, lighter doors and drawer fronts.

3. Choose the right color

Here are some tricks interior designers use to make a narrow kitchen look spacious with paint.

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Add some bright colors: Mark McCauley, author Interior Design for Idiots suggest using a line of color in unexpected accents like a window sill or the inside of a shelf.

When sharp hues combine with light wall hues, the kitchen looks more spacious simply because it is more eye-catching.

Create an accent wall: Interior designer Libby Langdon says, you don’t have to be afraid of bold colors. He encouraged homeowners to paint one wall in the kitchen a deeper color than the others.

Darker hues can make walls recede into the background, enlarging the space.

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Use the same paint color for walls and trim: Interior designer Charlotte Lucas advises homeowners to use the same paint color on walls and trim. Since there are no gaps in the trim, the ceiling will appear higher.

Minimize contrast with desks and cabinets: When painting walls, tables, cabinets, and shelves, use a color that is different from the walls, but without a stark contrast. Choosing colors in the same color set is a useful strategy.

Without sudden changes from light to dark, the kitchen will look spacious and calm. The sharp contrast creates a visual border that stops the eye and makes the space feel narrower.

Kitchen illustration. UNSPLASH / COLLOV HOME DESIGN Kitchen illustration.

Keep the ceiling white: While recent design trends have led to the use of color on the ceiling in many rooms, this is not recommended for narrow kitchens.

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A bright white ceiling will make a room appear taller and feel more spacious. The white ceiling also reflects light, maximizing the effect of natural sunlight in the room.

Avoid glossy paint: The eggshell paint finish and satin enamel create a slightly reflective surface that allows light to reflect off, which can make a room feel larger.

Wood and trim can be painted with a medium gloss enamel.

4. Take advantage of natural light

Natural lighting has the ability to expand any space, making the room feel bigger and brighter.

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While the kitchen may only have one window, you can optimize light by choosing light window treatments or using curtains that don’t block out light. Opaque colors can let light in while maintaining privacy.

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