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Portrait of Dewi Persik’s Luxury House Neighboring with Governor Anies Baswedan. Kayak What, huh?

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Known as a top dangdut singer in the country, the name Dewi Perssik is certainly familiar to almost everyone.

Saipul Jamil’s ex-wife has now just occupied a new ‘palace’ that is no less luxurious in one of the capital’s elite complexes.

Peach Goddess Mansion

The housing complex which became the new residence of the owner of ‘Goyang Saws’ is located in a small alley area in the Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta.

Interestingly, Depe also said that his new house is also directly next door to the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan.

So, what is the portrait of Dewi Perssik’s luxurious residence?

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The interior of Dewi Persik’s house is still empty

Dewi Persik

Although the building has become perfect, the interior is still not filled with furniture or other accessories.

The interior itself looks modern with the dominance of ivory white walls with skirting or iron-clad edges.

Uniquely, there is a large sliding glass door in the interior area which makes it easy for light to enter the room.

Depe has planned the parts of his house that will be used as functional areas such as mini bar, a place to relax, and a living room area.

The only quite unique sight that is clearly plastered from its main entrance is the presence of iron pillars commonly used for necessities pole dance right in the middle of the room.

The main bedroom is very spacious

Dewi Persik

Like the majority of the interior of Dewi Persik’s house which is still empty, so is the main bedroom.

The dangdut singer’s room is quite spacious with two minimalist sliding glass door Large size is a perfect source of natural lighting into the room.

Outside there is also a minimalist balcony which offers direct views of the pool area on the ground floor.

Dewi Persik walk-in closet

Dewi Persik

Her figure who is known to be glamorous with distinctive clothes when she is performing on stage certainly makes her collection fashion a Peach Goddess could compete with a small boutique.

No wonder if in the room there is also a special room prepared to be used walk-in large size that is ready to accommodate all of his clothes and accessories.

All the furniture inside is made of wood in the same color with lots of drawers and small compartments to store Depe’s personal belongings.

Hotel style bathroom

Dewi Persik

In terms of size it’s not too big, but modern minimalist bathroom which is located in the master bedroom looks very luxurious.

The interior uses a combination of quality granite and marble ceramics on the floor and walls so that it gives the appearance of a five-star hotel bathroom.

In terms of facilities, it’s also not kidding, the bathroom furniture is equipped with a sophisticated toilet seat with sensors flushing automatic, large sink, and bathtub tiny glass partition that has access to a window that directly faces the outside.

Beautiful nuanced swimming pool

Dewi Persik

Having a swimming pool at home can be the right way to provide a cooler atmosphere.

The difference is at Dewi Persik’s house, the swimming pool is made to blend with the natural surroundings so that it further strengthens the beautiful impression.

The bottom of the swimming pool is installed floor tiles green in color which blends well with the surrounding plants.

There is a private elevator

Dewi Persik

Another feature that further strengthens the status of Dewi Persik’s house into the luxury category is lift personal.

Lift It was originally built by Depe with the aim of making it easier for his late father to move around the house without having to be in pain when going up and down stairs.

However, lift the private can still function well as an alternative to the stairs to the main access.

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