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Try Yuk, Recipes and How to Make Black Glutinous Ice Cream

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KARAWANGPOST – Ice cream is one of everyone’s favorite foods. From children to adults, everyone loves the sweet and cold taste of ice cream.

There are many types and flavors of ice cream on the market. Starting from chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, durian, to black sticky rice.

In addition to buying ready-made products, you can also make your own ice cream at home.

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Here is a recipe and steps for making black sticky rice ice cream.

Sticky Ingredients:
Half cup of black glutinous rice
Water 1 cup rice

Ice Ingredients:
Coconut milk 200ml
Air 300ml
Salt a quarter tsp
100gr sugar (to taste)
40gr sweet condensed milk (1 sachet)
Maezena flour 1 tbsp
Pandan leaves 1 sheet

Additional materials:
Taro pasta/purple dye to taste

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Ways of making:
1. Wash the black sticky rice.
2. Put it in a rice cooker, give it water, and cook like cooking regular rice.
3. Mix all the ice ingredients, stir well, cook until boiling.
4. Enter the cooked black sticky rice and add the taro paste according to taste, mix well.
5. After it is not hot, pour the mold.
6. Put in the freezer until frozen.

Well, that’s the recipe and how to make black sticky rice ice cream that you can make at home. Ice cream is perfect for eating in hot weather. So, good luck.***

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