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Urgent! Even though it’s expired and not used, please don’t throw away these 5 household products carelessly

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It turns out that there are many everyday products and things that should not be thrown away indiscriminately, even if they are worn out or not used.


It turns out that there are many everyday products and things that should not be thrown away indiscriminately, even if they are worn out or not used.

Grid.ID Reporter, Devi Agustiana

Grid.ID – The easiest thing to do when something is no longer useful is to throw it away.

But many of us forget what material is used in the thing.

You need to know that not all things can be “thrown away” just like that, you know.

Some of the common objects we use every day, such as batteries or cosmetics, are highly toxic and can pose major environmental hazards if not handled properly.

Grid.ID has launched it from the Brights Side, following five things and household products that should not be thrown away indiscriminately.

1. Cosmetics

Although most cosmetic packaging is made of glass or plastic, the contents may not be recyclable or environmentally friendly.

There are many cosmetics that contain substances that are harmful to personal health and the environment.

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The best option is to replace cosmetics with natural products that are certainly not harmful to the skin.

If that’s not an option, at least we can try to reduce the consumption of cosmetics made from hazardous materials and have a high environmental impact.

2. Cat

Many of the paints commonly sold in the market contain ingredients such as lead, this is very harmful to the environment.

That’s why it’s important to avoid throwing containers that still contain chemicals in the regular trash.

The best thing to do is to send it to a special place for toxic waste treatment.

3. Battery

Some batteries may contain mercury and manganese, which are toxic and hazardous to health and the environment.

That is why, if it is worn out due to continuous use, it is necessary to take it to a special place to dispose of these types of items.

If you want to reduce the use of ordinary batteries, a good solution is to buy only rechargeable batteries.

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4. Hair

Human hair is not necessarily harmful to the environment, but it can be used for agricultural compost.

This is because hair contains nitrogen and components that if released can be beneficial for plants.

So whenever you cut your hair or beard, consider this fact before throwing it away.

Not only that, in some cases it can also be used to make wigs for people who really need them.

5. Oils and oils

Cooking oil can cause water purification problems, if thrown into the drain, toilet, or trash can.

It can also damage kitchen sinks and drains.

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On the other hand, motor oil is a petroleum based product and can easily contaminate all types of surfaces, including living organisms.

It is best to take it to specialized centers for the care of this product.

There are now many studies making biodiesel from cooking oil to help minimize its impact on the environment.


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