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Witness Don’t Know Sporadic Location

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JAMBI-INDEPENDENT.CO.ID, JAMBI – Abdul Jabar, Director of PT Wiltop Inti Nusantara (WIN), was present as a witness to the alleged seizure of land belonging to Tanoto Yakobes alias Ayong with the accused Director of PT Kharisma Kemingking, Chairil Anwar, Thursday (5/8) yesterday.

Although not directly involved, since 2017 the witness claimed to know the reason PT WIN is no longer working with the defendant’s company.

In his testimony, West Java said, if he knew the relationship between the two companies from the documents he read. Including a number of deeds and agreements. The cooperation between the two parties had to be canceled due to a number of reasons. According to West Java, the agreement on the contents of the land was not appropriate, and there was no administrative transparency.

“That there are plants is not appropriate. There is no disclosure of information. Finally PT WIN decided to leave the cooperation agreement,” explained West Java.

Answering a question from the Jambi High Prosecutor’s Office, Filpan Fajar Dermawan Laia, the West Java witness said there were as many as 90 sporadic certificates that were used as collateral for payment of the remaining money to PT WIN due to the cancellation of the cooperation. The Witness said that the sporadic cases were then deposited with a notary.

“As far as I know it (sporadic) was handed over to a notary. The 90s were more (98 sporadic),” said the Witness. The guarantee, explained the witness, has a deadline. If PT Kharisma Kemingking cannot return the money, then the sporadic will become the property of PT WIN, in accordance with the area that can cover the value of money.

The time limit given ended, said the Witness, about 1 year. After that, there were 3 subpoenas to PT Kharisma Kemingking. But no response. The sporadic which was entrusted to a notary, known as Edison Jingga, was then handed over to PT WIN as many as 62 sporadic.

However, his party did not know the exact boundaries of the sporadic events. “I no longer know the sporadic boundaries at all,” said the Witness.

PT WIN then carried out land clearing, washing ditches, and even making boundary ditches which they considered their own. Based on the testimony of witnesses, on the land there are palm trees. But not full. “There are plants and shrubs,” said the Witness.

Regarding the alleged land destruction, the Witness said, he learned about it from his staff. He believed that the tools used belonged to PT Kharisma Kemingking, a company owned by the Defendant Chairil Anwar.

How long the destruction took he did not know exactly. What he knows is that the area of ​​the damaged land is 11 hectares. The witness also did not know the value of the loss suffered. He had checked the location, but did not explore all the land.

The West Java witness also revealed that he also participated in identifying land with police investigators on March 18, 2021. Apart from him, there were Asnawi, Supriadi, Mislan, and Afian who showed the land.

However, during the identification of the land, the condition of the land was flooded, so it was difficult for the witness to see the condition of the damaged land. “The inundation is quite high,” said the Witness.

Meanwhile, Tanoto Yakobes alias Ayong, after the trial, explained that he actually didn’t want sporadic land to be used as collateral. He did not want to lose much in his cooperation with the defendant Khairil Anwar.

“First, the problem is planting 1,200 hectares, but more than 300 hectares have been planted. I have too much faith in this young man. Second, the three-year unreported tax problem. If I buy a PT without reporting taxes, I will be punished by the government. That’s the basis that it was canceled in 2017 until it resulted in a report to the 2019 Bareskrim,” he explained.

Then a peace agreement was reached with a period of one year to resolve the problem. However, until the deadline for the agreement, PT Kharisma Kemingking has not fulfilled it. “Then deed No. 06 is made, until one year is not fulfilled, the collateral / land is automatically taken,” he said.

Regarding the area of ​​destruction carried out by the defendant, the witness and Ayong admitted that they did not know whether they were sporadic or not. However, based on employee testimony from the defendant Khairil Anwar, during the measurement.

“Regarding the boundaries of sporadic land, he (Khairil Anwar) knows, we don’t know. Because sporadic it’s just a guarantee. We’re not buying land. Regarding land destruction, it was known from his subordinates (Khairil Anwar), Bastian and Supriyadi. There are photos,” he said.

Met separately, the lawyer for the defendant Khairil Anwar, Hasbullah confirmed, the witness’ testimony clear, First, the witness did not know the details of the agreement and the contents of the dispute resolution and did not know for sure the sporadic area that was handed over to Ayong et al.

“I (yesterday, ed) I asked, does the witness know the location where the sporadic vandalism is suspected to have occurred in whose name? The witness did not know and the witness referred to Supriyadi and Helmi. At the previous trial, Supriyadi was unable and even wrong in explaining the condition of the sporadic entry areas,” he explained.

Hasbullah, asked about land identification. “Identified land indeed as collateral?” asked Hasbullah. “That’s right. For the payment of money. How do you know this is a guarantee if you only look at the land, but don’t see the documents?” asked Hasbullah. “Shown directly,” replied the Witness.

The Witness said that he was not shown directly to the location, but only from the results of the mapping, which was shown by Supriadi, who had also given testimony. Regarding the sporadic being used as collateral, Hasbullah asked how the witness company determined the 62 sporadic ones that were taken over.

As explained by the witness, from the beginning the land used as collateral was not known at all according to sporadic limits. “So there are no sporadic, boundaries, just listen. And the position of the land is not explained,” he said. (ira/zen)

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