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Make Glowing Like an Arab Woman!

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Beauties like to taste date palm juice? How does it feel? Sweet isn’t it? Did you know Beauties, there is a huge benefit behind the juice of dates? The nutritional content in date palm juice is very capable of being used to maintain a healthy body. Moreover, in the current pandemic season, date palm juice can be used as a weak immune booster. Some of the benefits of the following date juice you can get:

Maintaining Blood Sugar Levels

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Consuming date palm juice for a few days can actually stimulate the production of the hormone insulin in the blood. Finally, the sugar levels are getting lower. Of course, this is a very good thing for those with high blood pressure and diabetes. This also proves that dates can be consumed by all ages, young and old.

Overcoming Digestive Problems

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Consuming date palm juice for a few days is proven to be able to launch problematic digestion. Of course, for Beauties who are constipated, it is very suitable to use date juice as a solution. The entry of date palm juice in the body can encourage the movement of stool in the intestines. Defecation becomes regular and smooth.

Overcoming Hair Problems

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The vitamin B complex found in dates can be used to treat various kinds of hair complaints, from dandruff to hair loss. In fact, Beauties can use date juice as a hair mask. Simply apply date palm juice to the ends of your hair, then rinse with clean water.

Launching Dressing

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For Beauties who are currently pregnant, provide a bottle of date juice and consume it regularly, at least once a day. Vitamin B complex and antioxidants in it are believed to reduce complaints of pain felt during childbirth. A case study also proves this. Pregnant women who consume date palm juice are proven to be able to give birth without a caesarean method.

Makes Skin More Glowing

Well, this is what Beauties has been waiting for! Yup, consumption of date palm juice can make the skin more glowing. This is because it contains vitamin B complex which can be used to fend off free radicals in the skin. Elasticity also increases because the skin is more hydrated.


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